Naming your favorite anything can be tough.  Tastes change over the years so it can be hard to draw that line in the sand and definitively say “this is my favorite movie/band/food of all time.”  I’m a sucker for ranking and listing things though so if pressed I could probably rhyme off my top 5 favorite anything.  The Crow, Smashing Pumpkins and Pizza by the way.  When it comes to Marvel villains it’s a very tough choice. I could make a top 20 list of  Spider-Man villains alone.  But if you’re gonna force me I’m gonna say that my favorite villain of all time is Thanos, followed closely by the Green Goblin.  Unless you’re a hardcore comic fan you’ve probably never heard of Thanos as he’s not the type of character who often pops up in movies and cartoons and such.  Thanos was created in 1973 by writer and artist Jim Starlin.   He first showed up in Iron Man and followed that up with appearances in Daredevil and the Avengers before finding his home in the 90s as a villain to the cosmic superhero the Silver Surfer.  This is when I discovered the character.  I had only discovered Silver Surfer a few months earlier but he had quickly become one of my favorite characters.  The introduction of Thanos to that title upped the stakes as Thanos was an intelligent, well-spoken  and utterly mad villain determined to wipe out half of all living things in the universe.  His reason for this is that he wanted to please the woman he loved, the cosmic embodiment  of Death itself.  Thanos was given his own spin off entitled the Thanos Quest as he hunted out the tools he needed to complete his task, the 6 soul gems which were spread throughout galaxy and protected by the elders of the universe.  He acquired them and this spun off into another mini series entitled the Infinity Gauntlet.  In this series, Thanos took the 6 gems and built them into a glove that gave him the power over all of existence.  The whole Marvel Universe was put at risk and it took the combined might of all of Marvel’s heroes to try to stop him.  In the end it was Thanos himself that brought about his own defeat.  It was an epic story line that skyrocketed this character whom I hadn’t even heard of a year earlier right up to the top of my villain list.  I strongly recommend you track this series down and give it a read.  Read Silver Surfer: Rebirth of Thanos followed by The Infinity Gauntlet to get the whole story.  Best of all the whole thing is written by Jim Starlin who created the character 20 years earlier.

I was very happy when I got my first Thanos figure in the 90s when Toy Biz created figures based on the short lived Silver Surfer cartoon series.  It had a bright animated look and a good face sculpt but it was severely lacking in stature.  Diamond Select took care of that problem when they released this beastly figure a couple of years ago. This figure from their Marvel Select line stands about 8″ tall and is a big, thick, heavy hunk of plastic.  The sculpting is just great especially on the face, each tooth in his scowl is sculpted individually.  The colors are perfect and there’s some really nice shading done on the blue base of the costume to give definition to his hulking muscle mass.  He comes with two excellent accessories:  The infinity gauntlet which can be put on in place of one of his regular gloved hands, and an unarticulated figure of his creepy girlfriend, Death.  Marvel Select has produced a bunch of great figures including the Black Cat I reviewed earlier and I’d be hard pressed to pick a favorite.  If you’re gonna make me do it though, I’d go with Thanos. 10 out of 10.


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I'm a dude that collects toys and writes. I figured I'd combine my hobbies.

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