Tonight I had planned on just relaxing at home reading comic books and watching a movie.  I had been out running around the last couple of nights and was ready for a night in.  However Vanessa had access to her dad’s car tonight and a burning desire to go spend money.  She asked me if I would accompany her on a trip to the mall.  Now I don’t mind going to the mall but I simply cannot go to the mall without spending money.  I either buy an action figure, a  shirt , a bluray, something, anything really.   It’s a compulsion.  I agreed to tag along as I needed some new jeans and I actually believed that I might manage to get home without buying any new toys as I was quite certain there would be no Joes, Transformers or Super Heroes on the shelves that I needed right now.  Toy stores are in their post holiday lull.  I should know myself better by now.  I wandered into Toys R Us and as expected I found nothing of the various toy lines that I collect.  So did I leave empty handed?  No.  I just started collecting something new.  Not that Star Wars is new mind you, I already have a ton of Star Wars figures but I had stopped buying them back in 2001.  Before Phantom Menace  had come out I was caught up in the hype and anticipation of it all and was buying up Star Wars figures like mad.  I had all the of characters in all of their various outfits, Droids with different battle damage, I was even buying action figures of old men in robes.  If it said Star Wars on the package I bought it.  Then the movie came out and I snapped back to reality.  The movie was enjoyable but it was hardly the “second coming” like I had built it up to be in my mind.  I had so many stupid variations of battle droids at this point that I decided to just pack it in.  By the time episode II came out I had pretty much totally lost interest in Star Wars toys.  I bought a handful of toys from the second movie but none at all from the third.  Even cool looking new characters like General Grievous didn’t lure me back.  I was over it.  Star Wars has never gone away since then and has maintained a solid presence in the toy stores for the past 10 years but I just walk past them, occasionally admiring a nicely sculpted new Han Solo or something.  Now it goes without saying that one of the coolest looking Star Wars characters ever created was Darth Maul from episode I so it’s not surprising that the first new character that made me take notice of Star Wars in nearly 10 years was Darth Talon.  Darth Talon is a cross between Oola the dancing girl with the weird head in Jabba’s palace and Darth Maul.  She was introduced in the Star Wars comic books and soon had an action figure.  I didn’t buy it at the time but it did make me stop and think “Wow.  Maybe Star Wars is still cool.”  She almost lured me in but I resisted.  But then a year or two later I hear about this new character that was introduced in the Clone Wars cartoon, Savage Opress.  Opress is Darth Maul’s brother except even bigger and meaner looking.  This I could not ignore.  The name was simply to bad ass and the character simply looked way to cool.  I knew when I saw this guy in action figure form I would buy him.  That day was today.

Just look at this guy, he looks like he would steal Boba Fett’s lunch money and kick sand in the face of Darth Maul.  He is bad Mutha F***a.  This guy is shirtless and ripped and mean.  I’m actually not sure if those black designs are tattoos (I believe they are) or just weird natural birth marks but either way they just add to Opress’s bad-assyness.  The head sculpt is amazing with his lip curled in a snarl and the crown of horns.  This figure does a great job of retaining the stylized look of the Clone Wars cartoon but still looking “real” enough to blend in with the movie figures.  The paint apps on this dude are great as well as the tattoos are  detailed, symmetrical and believable.  He comes with a few various weapons, all of them mean looking.  At first I was walking around with just this guy in my hands tonight but the more I looked at him the more my love of Star Wars crept out of hiding.  I left the store with 4 figures and I just hope I haven’t opened a gigantic can of worms.  May the force be with me.  9 out of 10


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I'm a dude that collects toys and writes. I figured I'd combine my hobbies.

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