This is my second post featuring my photography and it kinda sucks.  I’ve gotten kinda accustomed to borrowing high quality professional photos from the internet.  I feel this site will feel more honest and genuine with photos of my actual toys instead of flashy promotional photos but it won’t look as nice.  This pic was not taken with my new camera by the way, it was taken with my rinky dinky cell phone.  I was bored at work today and thought I might review a couple of the figures that are sitting on my desk and I would email the reviews to myself at home.  I snapped some pics but then I got busy and didn’t get around to writing anything so here I am typing away at home to entertain you when I could be lazing on the couch with Vanessa watching TMZ and eating Pringles.  Because I’m craving those Pringles I’ll keep this short and sweet.  I’ll save my stories about Flash the character for another time and I’ll just get to the figure at hand.

This figure is made by Funko in their line of POP! figures and bobble heads.  I resisted these things at first as I already have my fair share of cutesy toys like Mighty Muggs and Blammoids.  However I was eventually won over by the sheer variety of properties Funko has managed to lump together under one cohesive brand.  They have Marvel and DC super heroes, Gremlins, Wizard of Oz, Rappers, Cereal Mascots, Star Wars, The Simpsons etc.  My local shop Strange Adventures had a big sale on in the fall and 50% off was the final push I needed to start buying these things up.  They make for good work desk companions as they’re cute conversation pieces and I don’t feel like they need to be home with the rest of my DC figures.  These toys are different enough from the other previously released cutesy lines like Mighty Muggs and Blammoids to warrant a purchase.  The basic body mold is posed well and holds up the giant melon without any balance issues.  It should be mandatory for everyone in the office to have one of these on your desk, I think it would make for a cheerier environment. 7 out of 10.


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I'm a dude that collects toys and writes. I figured I'd combine my hobbies.

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  1. Hi Mikes,
    On a similar note,, Ive been collecting comics now for 20 years since when I started reading them. I have a huge collection of Indian comics, (Basically its foriegn but reprinted in India featuring, Mandrake, Phantom, Rip kerby, Flash Gordan, Buzz Sawyer, Mike Nomad, and the Indian Bahadur). These were published in the 70’s and 80s by Indrajal comics. Also I have a large collection of tamil comics featuring western heroes. When we grew up comics were the windows to western world.. Now I think kids like Tv shows more than comics, but even now I love to read my old collection of comics which gives me great pleasure taking back to the school days 🙂 . Wonder if anyone else is collecting comics 🙂

    • Hey Disney Fan, thanks for checking out my site. I agree that kids are more into movies and video games these days but sometimes those very things get kids interested in comics. I hope you check back again, I’ll have lots of comic book character posts.

  2. I have this Flash as well. and the very next day after I bought him I ran out and bought the Wonder Woman one. So far that’s it but I know the urge will bite me again. Which is tough since I also collect Marvel and DC related figures, vintage Star Wars, Super Powers, bootleg toys etc etc etc…it’s an addiction really. And then these damn comics. I need help. LOL

    • These damn things are adorable. I currently collect Marvel Universe, Joes, Transformers Universe, Master of the Universe Classics and various DC figures. I also buy a ton of random toys as the urge strikes me plus a f**kload of comics each and every week. Maybe we should start a support group.

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