Well today is Wednesday so that means it’s new comic book day. So as I do every Wednesday I trudged my way up the hill at lunchtime to grab my stack of fresh readable goodness. The trek up the hill was extra brutal today because we’ve got a stair climbing fitness challenge going on at work which is slowly killing me. We just started on Monday and in those 3 days I’ve walked up 2615 stairs. That may sound impressive to some of you and totally lame to others. I thought it was pretty damn good until I found out other idiots were doing 2000 a day. Let’s just say I’m not exactly captain fitness so I think you should all be proud of me. I’m gonna try to do 1000 a day from here on out. So yeah, needless to say the steep hill up to the comic store was even more unwelcome than usual. It was a pretty light week as far as comics go, only 3 books. 2 of those are collected editions though which is the equivalent of about 10 comics. With such a light haul of books I started to peruse the toy shelves for an impulse buy that wouldn’t break the bank. It ended up being a toss up between a couple of things but I eventually opted for this guy here, The Green Arrow.

This figure is from the same Funko POP! line of figures of which I reviewed the Flash a couple of days ago. It was actually because of writing that review forcing me to wax poetic on these things that prompted me to buy another. I’m starting to accumulate a cute little Justice League in front of my computer monitor at work which I fear may now officially get out of control. How can I own just 3 when Martian Manhunter, Hawkman and the Green Lantern are still waiting for me at the store. I have been roped into the sheer adorableness of these things and I now feel compelled to own them all. I think this Green Arrow might be my favorite of the bunch so far. He’s got the most detail of the group and the others simply can’t compete with his killer mustache. The bow in his hand and quiver on his back are nice touches that could’ve easily been overlooked. I also like that this guy represents the hooded version of the character as I don’t have a figure with this look in any other scale. The more I go on about him the more I’m selling myself on getting more. I saw a Penguin, the Batman villain in a dump bin at HMV the other day and I think I may actually swing by there on the way home to pick him up. I’m at work as I write this by the way, this is your tax dollars at work. But it’s the end of the day and I promise I was very productive earlier plus I walked up 1200 stairs so give me a break. Time to go. 8 out of 10.

By the way I’m home now.  No luck with the Penguin on the way home. 😦

My workstation with Joe team desktop


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I'm a dude that collects toys and writes. I figured I'd combine my hobbies.

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  1. Shame about the Penguin, never hesitate on these things. I love the GI Joe wallpaper, think I’ll use it myself.

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