Version 1 and 6 together


The Neo-Viper Part 5

When the 6th version of the Neo-Viper came out in 2003 you could get him in two ways.  One, in the newly introduced single packs which was great.  The packaging was still bland but at least now you could buy multiples of this infantry trooper and not get saddled with a bunch of doubles of another character that you didn’t want.  The second way was to buy him in a 2 pack where he was packaged with a different character called Neo-Viper Commander.  This was also great because now finally two troops were packaged together so you could army build them both.  I already had a bunch of Neo-Viper squads so this seemed like a good time to get some Commanders to lead them.  Version 6 was the exact same as version one in the standard Cobra Blue but this one had the improved legs and the O-Ring.  The only other real change was the red band added to the helmet.  I already loved the original but these changes made it even better.  8 out of 10.

Neo-Viper Commander v1 and v2

Neo-Viper Commander maybe could’ve warranted his own post but there isn’t a whole lot of difference here.  The body is the exact same as the regular Neo-Vipers only this time painted in red.  The red looks really good on this mold and reminds me of Cobra’s elite unit the Crimson Guard.  The only other difference here is a new head.  I don’t like it as much as the standard head but I’m glad it’s different so that the Commander really stands out from his troops.  The Commander was first released in 2002 in a 2 pack with Stalker and like the original Neo-Viper he suffered from T-crotch.  This 2003 version features the new and improved lower half and a few minor changes in paint application like on his faceplate and groin.  Both versions are cool.  7 out of 10.


Version 7 of the Neo-Viper came out in 2004 and was packaged with Gung-Ho so we were back to the problem  of getting stuck with an extra Joe when you army built these guys.  Lucky for me that wasn’t a problem with this character because i thought he was fugly and I didn’t need more than one.  I think he’s supposed to be in some sort of urban camoflage and it the camo pattern had been on his legs as well it might of worked for me.  As it is it just looks like he’s wearing a Chip and Pepper shirt and I really don’t dig it.  5 out of 10.

Version 7


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