The Neo-Viper Part 6

Well this here is my 100th post.  Not bad seeing as I only started this thing about 6 weeks ago.  I had actually planned on reviewing one of my most prized collectables for my 100th post but then I started on this Neo-Viper thing which kind of got away from me.  This is the end of the Neo-Viper tale and I will avoid G.I. Joes for the next few posts.  If you’ve noticed an improvement in my photography over these last few posts that’s because Vanessa took them.  We had a productive little afternoon of me rooting through my figures and arming them and placing them on display stands and then handing them off to her to photograph.  I’m sure if you had asked her a year ago if she ever imagined she’d be spending an afternoon trying to get just the right lighting on a Neo-Viper so that he looks good for a toy blog she would have said no.  But she’s pretty awesome that way so I have to tip my hat to her for making these posts look good.  The main reason you got this big 6 post long G.I. Joe entry is because I’m now taking my own pictures (or my girlfriend is) and it’s a pain in the ass to lug out a bucket of toys to take just one picture.  Only my modern era Joes are displayed on a shelf and thus easy to grab for a quick picture.  All of my older Joes are boxed away in the closet.  I wanted to review Neo-Viper but then it occurred to me what a pain it would be to haul these things out every couple of days to review so I figured I’d kill two birds with one stone, or 9 Neo-Vipers with one post in this case.  I really should wrap this up now though as my Saturday afternoon has rolled into my Saturday night and believe it or not I have better things to do.

So this is the 8th and final version of the Neo-Viper.  The name did get re-used years later for the movie but I don’t associate those Neo-Vipers (whom I reviewed a few weeks back) with these ones.  This version came packaged with the battle Hornet vehicle which was a cool little submarine/jet or something.  As neat as the hornet was I wasn’t about to buy multiples just to get more versions of this figure but luckily those Chinese ebayers came through for me and i was able to stock up on a few extras.  i really like this version for some reason despite its offensively yellow costume.  I imagined to be like a hazmat suit and these guys to be hostile environment troops.  A cool paint scheme on a great sculpt.  I hope we one day get a modern era version of the Neo-Viper but I wouldn’t hold me breath.  8 out of 10.

The whole Neo-Viper gang


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I'm a dude that collects toys and writes. I figured I'd combine my hobbies.

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  1. Don’t neglect the Joes for too long Mike, they’re a fan favourite.
    I was going to comment on the photos, they are looking great, especially group shots.

    • Thanks alot dude. Now that we’ve found the optimal area in the apartment lighting wise I should be able to take decent pics from here on out. I can’t stay away for to long, just for a couple of posts. I got 14 new ones yesterday that I’m eager to show off.

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