This here is another recently acquired ebay purchase. For years I’ve needed about 15 Battle Beasts to complete my North American collection and every now and again I would stumble across one I needed somewhere and pick it up.  I always figured I would one day fill all the holes in my collection. Well creating this blog has inspired me to speed up the process so I’ve been trolling around ebay looking for reasonable prices.  With the arrival of this platypus and a hawk last week I now only need 5 more to have every single Beast, sort of.  You see the first series of 28 Battle Beasts was released in 1987 and sold in two packs.  I have all of those.  Series two brought about another 24 beasts.  I have all of those.  Series three was released in a different style,instead of 2 packs we got two 12 packs of figures and those are the ones I didn’t get.  Maybe it was because the series was winding down and the toys were getting harder to find or maybe it was because the 12 packs were too expensive to be stocking stuffers.  Whatever the reason I had to track series 3 of the Battle Beasts down 1 by 1 scoring them at flea markets or trading toys with friends.  I’m still missing a lizard, a pangolin, a zebra, a crow and a penguin so if you have any of those laying in your basement feel free to send them my way.  Despite the declining interest a fourth series of 36 figures released, once again in 2 packs.  The cruel joke is that only 6 of these packs were released in North America.  This series was called laser beasts or shadow warriors and in place of the heat rub sticker the beasts now had glass orbs in their chests that you had to hold up to the light to reveal their symbol.  Another change was that these beasts came with laser guns instead of bladed weapons.  I got the 12 laser beasts released in Canada.  The sad thing is that I will never ever own the other 24 laser beasts which were only ever released in Japan and thus my Battle Beast collection will never truly be complete. 😦  The Japanese exclusive figures range in price from $60 to $350 so yeah, screw you Japan.

Onto the figure at hand, he’s okay.  Maybe if I had this guy as a kid and had some play history with him I would get a warmer feeling from him but seeing as I’ve only owned him for a few days he doesn’t quite have that nostalgic advantage that other figures have.  The fact that I finally own him after 20+ years does infuse me with some sense of accomplishment though.  I wish I liked this guy more because platypuses (platypi?) are awesome.  They’re like real life Wuzzles! (look it up children) A duck mixed with a beaver that lays eggs AND is poisonous?  sign me up.  This figure though is just kinda dorky looking.  His fur color should be a darker brown and his armor isn’t very exciting.  I’m not sure if that’s supposed to be a snorkel or an exhaust pipe coming out of his head but either way it’s pointless.  Not a great figure but bonus points for being a bitch’n cool animal.  6 out of 10.



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I'm a dude that collects toys and writes. I figured I'd combine my hobbies.

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