I recently reviewed the classic 80s Windcharger and I mentioned in that post that I was currently bidding for the modern version on ebay. I lamented on how sure I was that some nerd would swoop in at the last minute and steal away the auction in which I had been the top bidder for several days which is exactly what some evil nerd did. As luck would have it though the next day I found another modern Windcharger auction with a buy it now price option that was not the preposterous sum that they usually are so I bought it. So here we are a couple of weeks later and I have modern Windcharger in hand. I much prefer the “buy it now” ebay option as I can just log on, pay for what I want, log off and then wait by the mailbox. However it is fun to get into the occasional bidding war, maybe I’ve just been watching to much Storage Wars lately. I don’t have a whole lot to say about Windcharger as a character right now. I already talked about him in my last post and he’s never been a very developed character anyway so I guess I’ll just get right to the figure review.

I gotta say I was pleasantly surprised when I opened this guy up. I had seen pictures of him on the internet so I basically knew what I was getting but I expected him to be less cool once he arrived. You see I had previously bought Cosmos the Transformer UFO on ebay (you can read that review on here) and even though I had seen cool looking pics online I had no idea he was going to be so small when he actually arrived. Cosmos was stiff with minimal moving parts and his joints weren’t the tightest so his head tends to droop. At least this time I knew that Windcharger was going to be teeny like Cosmos and that is why I waited until I found a reasonably priced one. With Cosmos I thought I was buying a toy four times bigger than what it turned out to be so I felt pretty ripped off by his dinky stature. Well despite Windcharger’s size he is still super cool. He’s got much move movement than both Cosmos and his original 80s version. This guy can actually be posed. This is the first time Windcharger has had a proper face as the vintage toy had a visor/ faceplate face which was much more robotic. This version has the human-like eyes, nose and mouth face as he appeared in the cartoons and comics. I think this is a near perfect update of this character. If he were bigger he could be more detailed like they’ve done with modern updates of formerly tiny bots Bumblebee and Cliffjumper but I like that this version retains the size of the original.  8 out of 10.


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