Anybody remember these things?  Boglins were creepy hand puppets that were released in various colors and sizes in the late 80s.  When I first saw the commercial for these things I knew I needed to have one.  I can’t remember if it was for Christmas or Easter or Birthday but I did end up getting a Boglin at some point that year.  The boxes they came in were pretty cool.  They were cardboard boxes made to look like shipping crates with all sorts of “Danger” and “Do not Open” warnings stamped on them.  The front was plastic metal bars which kept the Boglin caged in.  There was a round hole in the bottom of the box that you could stick your hand up into to try out the Boglin in the store.  Each Boglin had a name on the box, mine’s name was Squit.  It’s a pretty cool and unique toy and I’ve held onto it all these years which is more than I can say for a lot of my other toys.  When I  first got this guy as a kid, as much as I wanted him, the novelty wore off rather quickly.  It was kind of hard to play with for long periods of time.  It’s not like Doug had one so we could play together and even then I’m not sure what that would have entailed.  It was just me walking around the house with this Ghoulie on my hand.  Just as a side note, I’m not sure if you remember the toy line Sectaurs but apparently there was a connection.  Sectaurs was out in the early 80s around the same time as He-Man and it had a similar vibe.  Bug men, led by Prince Dargon rode around on giant insects which were actually puppets you put your hand in to move the giant bug’s legs and mouth while the 6″ figure rode in a saddle on the bugs back.  It was a cool idea but I never really got into it mostly because the Sectaurs were pretty lame looking.  Anyway I read an article in Toyfare magazine a few years ago about how the guy that created Sectaurs went on to create Boglins a few years later.  Apparently this guy was convinced that the puppet gimmick was a sure fire hit.  His second attempt was about as successful as his first with the Boglins fading into obscurity a year or two after they were introduced as did the Sectaurs.

Sectaurs, Boglins predecessor.

As a stand alone toy Squit is actually pretty awesome.  He’s made out of gross rubbery material that feels amphibian-like.  It’s they type of material you’d imagine would deteriorate over the years but my Boglin is still in great shape with no holes or tears.He has arms hanging at his sides that you can’t puppeteer but they can be moved via a shoulder joint.  Most of the puppeting is done as you’d imagine, using your fingers and thumb to make his mouth open and close.  There’s an added plastic component inside the head as well though that let’s you control the eyes.  You can make him look from side to side, blink or wink.  His well detailed eyes glow in the dark which is pretty creepy.  Squit is a bit of an oddity in my collection but I’m glad I held onto him.  7 out of 10.


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I'm a dude that collects toys and writes. I figured I'd combine my hobbies.

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  1. Didn’t that picture of the Sectaur give you a flashback from that time you found a moth inside your oven mitt?

  2. I had a boglin as a lad. I think there were two tiers. Yours is the upper, which was a bit more sophisticated. I had the next one, that was a bit smaller and completely useless arms. (The one I had is the middle in the front of this picture. Can’t remember his name though) http://www.oddfigures.com/images/boglins/boglins04.jpg

    Mine eventually did tear under the arm, and the purple there was very pink.

    Like you, this was never a favourite toy of mine, but it did kick around the house for years.

  3. I am curious as to what this guy is worth? I will keep him regardless. But does anyone have a clue mint in box? Cheers ya’lo.

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