Some comic book characters just can’t catch a break.  I’m not sure what it is about certain characters that just can’t seem to get any love from the comic buying public.  It’s true that even the most popular characters like Spider-Man have had books cancelled but  not a month has gone by since the 60s that there wasn’t at least 1 Spider-man book on the comic book racks.  And then there are characters like Blade, who despite having 3 very well received movies of him produced, no one will buy his damn comic book.  Blade is a member of the C-listers club of characters who has enough appeal that every few years Marvel tries to put out a new Blade book, but each and every time it fails.  Many of my favorite characters are member’s of that C-listers club, including this duo here Cloak and Dagger.  Tandy Bowen and Tyrone Johnson first appeared in issue 64 of the Spectacular Spider-Man in 1982.  They were a couple of teen runaways who were kidnapped by criminals and injected with experimental drugs.  The other teens subjected to the experiments died but Tyrone and Tandy survived and even ended up with super powers. Tyrone became Cloak, a living doorway to the dark dimension with the ability to trap criminals in his cloak which was an endless void of despair.  Tandy became Dagger who had the opposite ability to use light as a weapon.  These characters showed up in the Spidey books a lot back in the day and that is where I was introduced to them.  They eventually got their own book but it was cancelled.  That was followed by a second series which was again cancelled.  Then they shared a book called Strange Tales with fellow C-lister Dr. Strange, cancelled.  Third series: cancelled.  After a while marvel even changed their origin story from the drugs gave them powers to the were both mutants and the drugs just activated their powers which were already there.  Making them mutants was an attempt to jump on the ever popular Mutant bandwagon and to boost their sales, they even joined the X-Men for a short while.  Nothing has quite worked out.  Most recently the duo got a 3 issue mini series a couple of months ago to tie into Spider-Man’s Spider-Island story line.  Always forced to piggy back on someone else’s story and never able to stand on their own seems to be the unescapable destiny of Cloak and Dagger.  A shame.

These  figures are not Diamond Select Toy’s best effort.  I previously reviewed the Black Cat and Thanos from DST which were both awesome.  These aren’t horrible but I think they could’ve been much better.  Dagger is straight up awkward.  Her head sits very unnaturally, she has a thick heavy head of blonde hair that’s sculpted to be blowing back in the wind or something.  When she’s looking forward the hair points backward like it’s loaded full of product and is stiff as a board.  The only way it looks right is when the hair is against her back but this means she has to look up into the sky all the time.  Her arms are posed really weird with awkward hands and they will not rest at her side; she constantly looks like she’s Ricky Bobby trying to do an interview. The legs are posed pretty weird too, the more I look at this thing the more I realize it sucks.  The saving grace of this set is Cloak.  Cloak here isn’t even an action figure, he’s really more of an accessory they threw in the package as an add on.  He’s a solid plastic mass of cape with a head on top.  He has no body to speak of or any moving parts.  He’s sculpted in a way that he can stand on his own but it’s made so that you can shroud him around Dagger.  Cloak has the ability to teleport and Dagger often has to step inside the cloak to be transported with him so the hollowness of Cloak simulates that.  Despite just being an accessory Cloak is a really cool toy.  The sculpting on the cloak itself is amazing with all the flaps and folds and the black and blue paint scheme really captures the shadowy look from the comics.  The face on him is fantastic, he really looks scary.  The lack of body isn’t really much of a detriment as Cloak is usually drawn as a black mass inside the cape without much form to be seen.  Dagger really drags this set down.  5 out of 10.


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  1. It’s been years since I’ve read the maximum carnage story but how important, in the books, where they too that title? I remember them being important characters in the sega genisis game (which ruled by the way) but did they have an important role in the books? I’ve been meaning to tell you this in person but I love how you give a background on the character before talking about the toy.

    • Thanks dude. I’ve been trying hard to keep the posts interesting by blending character history with personal experience before wrapping things up with a figure review. I don’t want to stray to far into any one of those categories as anyone can read up on the characters on Wikipedia. C & D weren’t integral to maximum carnage but i find them a welcome addition to any story line.

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