If you’ve been following this blog for a while you’ve probably seen that I’ve reviewed my fair share of cutesy or SD versions of popular characters.  (SD stands for super deformed which a term used to describe cutesy  Japanese toys.  They are the country that pioneered  making short squat lovable versions of characters that are usually not so cute)  I’ve written favorable reviews of Mighty Muggs, Blammoids and Pop! characters so you might think that I would love Bobble Heads.  After all bobble heads are usually just cute versions of characters that I already love except with big bobbly heads.  Well I don’t.  I don’t mind when the whole character has been cutified but I hate the big un-proportionate heads of bobble heads, they piss me off.  I could maybe understand placing one on the dashboard of your car so it’s head will bob around as you drive but to place one on your desk or shelf simply for the aesthetic, no thanks.  This is where I become hard to shop for I suppose.  People always seem to assume that because I collect Spider-Man toys and comics that I’ll love anything with Spider-Man’s face on it.  Not true.  As a grown man I’ve owned Spider-Man bubble bath, a toothbrush, napkins and even pajamas all purchased for me by others.  Don’t get me wrong, some of this stuff has been cool, my pajamas are comfy and all but toy collecting does not automatically make me some sort of man-child that needs to surround himself with childish things.  I’m not opposed to white napkins or plaid pajamas.  Anyway, when it comes to Nightmare Before Christmas I have received as gifts Snow Globes, wall art, mugs, Russian Nesting Dolls (those things that open up and have a smaller and smaller dolls inside) and this bobble head.  These are not things I would have bought for myself but some of them are really cool.  The wall art is great for example(Thanks Katie) but the nesting dolls I could’ve done without (Thanks for nothing Amanda).  The bobble head is somewhere in between.

I like everything about this thing except for that big bobbly head.  If this had been a statue with a proportionate head it would be awesome.  All the detailing is really nice in the wood floor and podium and the face is great and very expressive.  This really reminds of the scene where Jack leans right into the camera looking all scary when trying to win the residents of Halloween Town over on the whole Christmas thing.  However even as I type this, the impact of my fingers on the keyboard has Jack bobbling around like Will Ferrell doing Harry Caray and it just annoys me.  4 out 10.

About mike's collection

I'm a dude that collects toys and writes. I figured I'd combine my hobbies.

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