I’ve reviewed a few McFarlane toys now and if you’ve noticed a common theme amongst them it’s that they’re usually very detailed and very dark.  McFarlane’s flagship property Spawn is a pretty dark and disturbing comic book so it makes sense that the toys would be as well.  Yet McFarlane has a way of making any property dark and disturbing.  For example McFarlane got the rights to produce Wizard of Oz figures that they released under the banner “Twisted Land of Oz” which included a mummified scarecrow getting the flesh picked off his bones by crows and even Dorothy in  bondage gear and torn fish nets being abused by a pair of deformed perverted munchkins.  Though dark and dreary may be their specialty McFarlane toys does manage to produce something a little more colorful from time to time.  They released a series of figures based on the Beatles LSD fueled animated feature the Yellow Submarine which were some of the most colorful toys I’ve ever seen putting even 90s era G.I. Joes to shame.  Another foray into the colorful world of action figures was series 30 of the Spawn line called Spawn Animated. This series took well known characters from the Spawn comic book which were usually dark and gory and re-imagined them as if there were such a thing as a Spawn saturday morning cartoon.  The toys were bright and stylized and the heavy detail usually associated with Spawn toys was traded in for big solid shapes and clean lines.  It was quite the departure for Spawn but I really liked it  and made me truly hope that a kid friendly Spawn cartoon might someday hit the airwaves.

This figure is of the Redeemer, which is heaven’s answer to the Hellspawn.  The basic premise of the Spawn books is that there is a battle going on between heaven and hell and both sides are always looking for new recruits.  Hell finds it’s ultimate warrior in recently deceased mercenary Al Simmons whom it revives as the undead Spawn.  Heaven counters that my forcing a human host to take on the guise of The Redeemer, a warrior angel of sorts.  In the comics there have been 3 different Redeemers and this animated version is based on version 3 who was the first to have the angel wings.  I thought this entire animated line looked great and was a breath of fresh air to the somewhat tired Spawn line of figures.  I would have liked to see them make more of these.   Though this version of redeemer is less detailed than previous releases I actually think it shows off the figures regal costume better than the past releases.  He’s not posed in an action position which many McFarlane toys are which sometimes hides the core of the figure.  This guy is in a very neutral pose and the colors really pop allowing you to see all that the sculpting has to offer.  He includes a figure base, a sword and an alternate head so that you can see the face of his human host.  A very cool figure.  9 out of 10.


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