Happy Valentines Day everyone.  I hope you had a good one, I did.  Me and Vanessa went to Jungle Jims for supper and enjoyed some tasty burgers and a sample pack of yummy appetizers.  Vanessa gave me a whole bunch of candy and then she knocked it out of the park by handing me this guy, Dr. Archibald “Venom” Monev.  This was truly unexpected.  If you’ve been reading my posts for a while you’ll know that Vanessa scored big points on my birthday last month by buying me Cobra De aco; a rare and much sought after Joe figure that I had been wanting for a long time.  When I was telling my friends about my big score most of them failed to understand the sheer coolness of the toy.  I thought if there’s one person out there who would appreciate the gravitas of this figure it would be my buddy Sean.  Sean lives in Toronto and raps under the name the Wordburglar, I’d strongly recommend you check him out.  He’s the one guy I know who’s as nerdy as me when it comes to G.I. Joe.  You can actually find his review of Dr. Venom on youtube.  Anyway I posted on his facebook wall that my girlfriend had bought me Cobra De aco and he was appropriately stoked for me.  I joked that to top that she’d have to get me Dr. Venom for Valentines day.  It was just a quick little joke that I didn’t expect her to pay any attention to and yet here I am a month later with Dr. Venom in hand.  She’s pretty awesome like that.

For those of you not familiar with the character, he first appeared in issue 10 of the G.I. Joe comic in 1983.  Larry Hama was tasked with writing the Joe comic book to help sell the toys and any other writer probably wouldn’t have taken the job very seriously.  Larry however took it quite serious,  he kept it fun but he filled it full of military jargon to add to the realism and created new and interesting characters for the series that were not mandated to appear just because they had a toy coming out.  Two of the most memorable and prominent characters from those early days were Kwinn and Dr. Venom.  For years fans clamored for action figures of them but Hasbro denied us.  I think the issue with Dr. Venom was that Hasbro already had their own mad scientist planned, Dr. Mindbender who replaced  Venom in the comics after Venom was killed.  Well it took a while but we finally got a Kwinn figure in 2004, 21 years after he was introduced and in 2010 we finally got a Dr. Venom.

I don’t usually do this but I’m going to keep my Dr. Venom in his package.  Like with most Joes the card art could be a display piece on it’s own but the added rarity factor of this figure makes me want to keep this guy in good shape.  He is a G.I. Joe collectors club exclusive figure made in very limited numbers.  The figure itself is quite nice.  The head sculpt is new and though not the perfect representation of Dr. Venom it captures the essence of the character quite well, he looks like an angry science nerd.  The body is dressed appropriately with a long white lab coat.  the only issue I have with the body is that the tie is painted flat on his chest.  If the tie were a separate piece of plastic that would’ve added some more depth and realism.  He comes with a pair of pistols and a pair of test tubes.  A real missed opportunity in the accessory department is his lack of brain wave scanner.  The scanner was a machine created by the Dr. to erase memories and to control minds, it was used many times in the comics.  Though it would’ve been too big to include as an accessory  maybe just the helmet portion would’ve been a nice nod to the old stories.  Another prized piece of my collection.  Thanks Nessie. xoxo.  9 out of 10.


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I'm a dude that collects toys and writes. I figured I'd combine my hobbies.

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  1. Nice little gift. I’m no collector, but I’m not a fan keeping things in their package. You usually don’t though, so I’ll let it slide.

    Dawn and I took the kids to Boston Pizza last night and ran into Greg, who was out with a lady friend. Been a while since I had crossed paths with him.

    • Sounds like a lovely little evening.
      Yeah, I’m usually anti “keep in the packaging” but every now and again i’ll keep something in box. The best ones are toys that you can remove from the box without destroying it so they can be put back in if you so desire.

  2. You’re welcome, handsome! I hope you enjoy him in all of his wonder! Thank you for a GREAT Valentine’s Day!!

    Love you! xoxoxoxoxo

  3. That is so cool. I was a big reader of the Joes comics as a kid,and went so far as to make my own Dr. Venom figure using a spare General Hawk figure. I even made a lab coat out of white paper. I’m sure it looked awful, but i was pretty happy with the result at the time.

    I’m also an “opener”. I like to be able to handle and pose (play with hehe) my figures. The odd one stays in package but not many.

    • I didn’t do a ton of customizing myself as a kid. I did try to construct a black suit Spider man with a blend of a Buck Rogers, Cobra Commander and a Jon Baker from CHIPS. It didn’t turn out so good.

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