When it comes to collecting modern day action figures the main thing I’m after is for a toy to capture the classic look of a retro toy I loved as a kid but to improve on  it.  Take the Masters of the Universe Classics line for example.  When you see one you think “Oh my god, that looks just like the toy I had as a kid. That really brings me back.”  But then you dig out your old toy and realize how crappy he really was.  Maybe crappy isn’t the right word but if you played with your toys as much as I did there aren’t too many pieces from my childhood that are display worthy.  The plastics have yellowed and the joints are so loose they can’t stand up.  Their accessories are missing and the paint is worn off.  These things weren’t made to last 30 years.  I don’t think anybody working at Hasbro and Kenner in the 80s had any idea that grown men would be collecting these things for decades to come.  The modern toys are built with the collectors in mind.  The figures (when done right) look like how you always imagined your old toys looked.  I don’t want my Optimus Prime to be as stiff and boxy as the original and I certainly don’t want him to transform into a monkey, and I’d rather just ignore all those insect looking movie figures.  I want my Optimus Prime to look how he did in the cartoons and the comics, well now I can have that.  Now as much as I love getting modern versions of all my favorite 80s characters done in their most iconic looks, that can only last for so long.  For any toy line to grow, attract a new audience and remain interesting for years to come, new characters need to be introduced.  The Transformer movie toys which clog the shelves these days introduce new characters all the time but I feel they’re for an entirely different audience than me.  What’s rare is for the Transformers Universe line, the 80s based one that I collect, to introduce a brand new character into the line.  If he’s not a classic character then what the hell is he doing in the classic influenced line?  Well let me tell you Drift may not be a classic character yet but he will be, he is just all kinds of cool.  Drift was introduced as an Autobot in the comic series published by IDW a couple of years ago.  He was portrayed as a calm and efficient but deadly badass who was a master of cybertronian martial arts.  It was later revealed that he was once a Decepticon called DeadLock before learning the errors of his ways and changing sides.

The figure is very cool and a great interpretation from how he appears in the comics.  The head sculpt is just right with a good use of light piping in the eyes.  The body is sufficiently agile so he can pull off lots of cool martial arts poses.  In car mode he’s a sleek sports car with come chinese characters painted on the sides giving him a “Tokyo Drift” kinda vibe.  I don’t usually say this but one of the greatest things about this figure is the accessories.  First off he has a long sword with some nice detailing that can be stored on his back which is pretty cool.  Secondly he has two small bladed swords which can be sheathed in what would be his side doors.  It’s one of the coolest little tricks I’ve ever seen integrated into a Transformer maybe ever.  When I first transformed him into his robot mode I thought, “well that sucks that his doors just hang at his side like this but this type of things happens a lot with Transformers.”  But then I saw the removable blades tucked inside and suddenly it was his coolest feature.  A great figure, I hope more new characters like him are on their way.  9 out of 10.


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I'm a dude that collects toys and writes. I figured I'd combine my hobbies.

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