I’m currently re-watching the Robotech series for the first time in many years and I’m showing to my buddy Andrew for the first time ever.  We’re taking our time and are only half way through generation 1 at this point.  So he has yet to be introduced to Zor who was one of the stars of the second generation.  There’s definitely a huge cheese factor to the series by todays standards but the animation holds up quite well and the characters are still some of the best developed cartoon characters ever.  I’m very much enjoying revisiting it.  the second generation was my least favorite of the three but it still had plenty of cool things to offer the franchise.  Zor was one of the coolest concepts to come from this series.  I don’t want to talk about it too much though for fear of spoiling it for Andy but Zor was a pivotal character to the whole Robotech saga.  Even though he looked like Gem’s dream man (equal parts Rio and Riot) he was not some light weight nancy boy.  Zor was the man.

You would not guess that from looking at this figure.  If anything you would suspect that this is a lady.  Zor is sporting some serious boobage here for some reason.  I almost wonder if the designers got the concept sketches, saw the long hair and thought Zor was a woman so they boobed him up.  This all could have been averted if they had given him his battle armor instead of this gay unitard.   The head actually isn’t that bad and would’ve looked fine on a more masculine body.  His long purple locks are sculpted to hang down the back of his neck and the sideburns help to establish that this in fact a guy.  He’s got a pretty nifty alien gun that I’m surprised I haven’t lost after all this time.  I loved that these toys produced by Matchbox in the mid 80s were styled after G.I. Joes so they could be integrated into that line pretty seamlessly. Cool character, toy fail.  2 out of 10.


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