He-Man and the Master’s of the Universe was possibly the greatest toy line ever when it came to varied action features. Not only were they innovative but they made sense for each character.  Kobra Kahn sprayed venom form his mouth, Ram Man rammed, and best of all Stinkor stunk.  One of the nifty characters from the original line that I never had was Moss Man.  Moss Man was simply a Beast Man figure painted green and flocked.  Flocking was a concept made famous by the original 12 ” G.I. Joe dolls.  Rather than having flat sculpted hair like most Ken dolls, Joe was given “life-like hair” by flocking his head which meant inserting small fiber particles into the plastic to give him that fuzzy buzz cut feel.  Well Mattel took that concept and ran with it and flocked Moss Man’s entire body.  The idea was to make him appear to be a plant-man birthed of nature and covered in moss.  It was a cool idea and I always wanted a Moss-Man but just never acquired one.   When He-Man figures resurfaced in 2002 with a new stylized series of figures, Moss Man was high on my want list.  Unfortunately he was made as a mail away exclusive that I missed out on and was (still is) extremely expensive on the secondary market.  Another series of He-Man figures came and went and I was still Moss Manless.  😦 When the Classics line began in 2008 I initially wasn’t interested in the line but I told myself if they made a Moss Man I would get him.  Well they eventually did get around to making him in 2010 and I scooped him up.  Finally a Moss Man!   Was it worth the wait?

Hell yes.  This figure is flocking awesome.  He’s nice and fuzzy and smells of pine (seriously, he does).  It’s like an action figure made of astroturf.  For the first time ever Moss Man gets to be his own character and is not just a green fuzzy Beast Man repaint as the 2 previous versions were.  The flocking looks great  using mostly green with brown highlights, it looks like real moss.  Despite being covered head to toe in fuzz he still has muscle definition which is pretty impressive.  He comes with a viney strap that goes around his torso and a club that can be stored on the back of the strap when not in his hands.  Best of all he comes with an alternate head to give him his classic Beast Man rip-off look if you prefer.  I like the new original head, it manages to convey so much.  He looks stoic and wise with an under current of bad assery.    I know I wouldn’t litter in front of this guy.  Great work.  9 out of 10.

2002 animated look

Beast Man face


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  1. Yep I agree. He’s flocking awesome. This figre rocks, no wait……. Mosses?? I never had Moss Man when I was a kid. My cousins had him. And I somehow managed to “forget” to put him back and he came to visit at my house at least once a week. hehehe I sold off almost all of my vintage MOTU a couple years ago. And it’s the line I regret selling now. Someday I’m going to fix that screwup. But for now my He-Man, Beast-Man and Skelator will do. And Moss Man will somday be a “legit” figure in the collection.

  2. Thanks for that little bit of info. I’ll have to give March 15th a looksee. And you’ll fall into the catagory of some of my other internet buddies because of it. I call them Enablers 🙂

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