First off I’ll confess that for the first time in a while I stole a picture from the internet for this review.  I was trying to snap a pic of my figure and simply could not pick up the detail in the skull so I decided to cheat.  I wanted to review Ghosty here because yesterday I went and saw Ghost Rider 2: Spirit of Vengeance and figured this would give me an opportunity to talk about it.  Sometimes I watch a movie and am left wondering who on earth thought this was a good idea.  Aren’t movies a collaborative effort by hundreds of people?  At some point you’d think someone would speak up and say let’s no put Jerry Springer in here.  Ghost Rider looked super cool in this movie but that was the only thing it had going for it.  The plot was shit, the acting was shit…like are you kidding me Nick Cage?  His performance was so over the top and ridiculous it was hard to watch.  The whole thing was just plain silly.  So many dumb gags and one-liners.  Some people will say “well what did you expect?  the first one sucked.”  That is true, the first one was pretty bad but there was enough in there for me to enjoy.  It made me hopeful that if there was to be a sequel the filmmakers would learn from past mistakes and improve on the concept.  The last time I remember having this same hope was after seeing Alien vs Predator.  That movie was shit and it shouldn’t have been.  It was such a cool idea that fans had been wanting to see for decades.  When they announced they were making a second one I was thinking “Good.  Now they can do it properly.  None of this Predator as a good guy crap.”  But then they made a far worse movie!  How does this happen!?  Damn you Hollywood!  So yeah, avoid Ghost Rider if you can.

The 70s version

Do not however avoid this figure.  This Ghost Rider is from the Marvel Universe 3 3/4″ line.  One thing that I really like about it is that they opted for the original uniform.  You see when Ghost Rider was created in the early 70s he was Johnny Blaze, a stunt motorcyclist that travelled from town to town with a carnival.  He sold his soul to the devil to save his dying adoptive father.  This transaction turned him into Ghost Rider a minion of the devil forced to carry out his demands.  In those days Johnny always wore his high collared blue leather stunt suit, even as Ghost Rider.  His bike transformed into a flaming red hell cycle.  After 10 years Ghost Rider’s book was cancelled and the series ended with Johnny ridding himself of the demon within him.  In the early 90s Marvel re-invented Ghost Rider by having a new character named Danny Ketch find a discarded bike and by touching it he was transformed into the Ghost Rider.  The Danny Ghost Rider had undergone a drastic make over.  He still had the flaming skull but he wore a black leather jacket covered in chains and spikes and his bike became a sleek black armored cycle with flaming wheels.  Johnny Blaze  turned up hoping to destroy the new Ghost Rider but they ended up joining forces and eventually Johnny ended up possessed once again himself.  In every incarnation of the Ghost Rider since then, like the movies it’s been the Johnny Blaze character with Dan Ketch’s wardrobe and bike.  I’m sure that eventually Marvel will a produce a modern Ghost Rider figure but for now I like this 70s throw back.  The suit looks great and very true to the print version.  The translucent flames surrounding the skull work well and manage to not come across as some weird punk rock hair-do.  He has a chain accessory and as a nice touch the chain is molten orange at the end that goes in Ghost Rider’s hand.  The one thing that would improve this figure is a frig’n motorcycle.  However that would’ve upped the price so I can do without, I don’t really have room to display vehicles anyway.  8 out of 10.


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