Doctor Leonard Samson is a super hero psychiatrist.  He first appeared in the Hulk comics when he tried to cure Bruce Banner of his “alternate personality” the Hulk.  It didn’t work and the mild mannered Doctor actually ended up mutated himself by exposing himself to the Hulk’s gamma radiation.  This caused his hair to grow long and turn green and his body hulked up, not to the extent of the Hulk but maybe Hulk Hogan.  Since his initial appearance Doc Samson has been a mainstay of the Hulk comics and has shown up all over the Marvel Universe.  Sometimes he’s called in for his psychiatry skills and other times he’s just called in to kick ass.  He’s a man with the brain and the brawn.  He’s not really a character that I have much of an attachment to as I rarely read Hulk comics growing up and let’s face it, Doc Samson just isn’t that cool.  He’s basically a green haired Fabio in a Flash T-shirt.  Still, as a Marvel junkie I have a soft spot for every single character they have and even wankers like the Doc do their part to expand the universe and make it seem like a more real place.  I’m always happy when Hasbro opts to make a C-lister like Samson instead of another Wolverine or Spider-Man.  An interesting tidbit, in the Ed Norton Incredible Hulk movie Doc Samson appears in a small role in his pre-mutated form.  He was played by at the time little known actor Ty Burrell who has now become quite well known as Phil from the fantastic show Modern Family.  I would love to see a sequel made where Ty gets mutated into the musclebound Doc Samson, that would be amusing to say the least.

The figure itself is  pretty decent.  He’s not great but then again neither is the character.  You’d be hard pressed to make a Doc Samson figure that would blow my mind.  The head sculpt is good with his signature flowing green locks.  The body shape is appropriately big so he towers over smaller figures like Spider-Man.  With the yellow buccaneer boots and low neck red T-shirt this is a character screaming for a re-design.  The thing is different artists have re-designed Samson in the past, including one of my favorites Ed McGuinness and yet I’m glad hasbro went with this classic look.  When it comes to super heroes I like them displayed in their most iconic uniform even if it is a godawful one.  That’s why I passed on the wife- beater and sunglasses Luke cage and went with the yellow leather jacket and silver tiara version.  You gotta love classic 70s cheese.  4 out of 10.


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