H.I.S.S. TANK v1


I haven’t yet reviewed any vehicles and I have a bunch of them so I thought I’d better get started.  Granted, I did review my San Diego Comic Con exclusive Starscream but I consider him more of a character than a straight up vehicle.   Speaking of SDCC exclusives I’ve got more on them later.  So for my first pure vehicle review I’ve decided to go with what is arguably the coolest vehicle ever designed for any toy line ever, the Cobra HISS tank.  Off the top of my head the Star Wars AT-AT might give it a run for it’s money.  There were a ton of cool vehicles released as part of the G.I.Joe line including the Vamp, the Skystriker, the Bugg, the Havok and many more.  Some of them were very realistic and closely resembled what real soldiers piloted in the battlefield, others looked like they were straight out of a science fiction movie.  The HISS tank was somewhere in between.  When I look at the HISS tank, which stands for HIgh Speed Sentry I see what appears to to be a totally believable vehicle.  It looks like something that could very easily exist in the real world.  And at the same time there’s nothing in the real world that looks anything like it.  It’s got such a unique design that it is immediately recognizable even if you only see the silhouette.  Those triangular treads are very unique and help to give the HISS tank it’s iconic shape.  The cockpit design is sleek and relatively simple.  The glass canopy makes absolutely no sense for a armored tank as it leaves the pilot completely defenseless but I love it anyway.  Later versions replaced the glass with solid armor but I didn’t like how you could no longer see the driver so I’ll take the glass canopy any day.  If anything I think it makes the HISS drivers seem that much more badass in that they’re willing to roll into battle in a shimmering glass coffin on wheels.  The twin dorsal mounted canons is another signature feature of the HISS tank.  They can be controlled by the pilot in the cockpit or operated manually by another brave Cobra Trooper who’s willing to sit unprotected in the back.  There’s a ledge at the rear of the tank with two foot pegs so you can load up to 4 figures onto the tank in total.  The rotating canon piece can be removed revealing the tanks hollow insides.  My Cobra troopers pulled the old trojan horse trick on my Joes on more than one occasion by piling into that hollow shell and then placing the canon back overtop of them.  The HISS tank has remained one of Cobra’s main transports and attack vehicles since it’s first release in 1983 right up until the present.  It’s appeared many times in the cartoons and comics, had over 15 different toy versions released and may hopefully appear in the upcoming Joe:Retaliation movie.  One of the coolest interpretations of the HISS was in one of the Devil’s Due/Dreamwave Joe/Transformers comic book crossover events.  A few years ago these 2 comic companies would publish a a joint adventure between these two properties on an annual basis.  One such story featured popular Joe vehicles that were actually Transformers in disguise.  Iron Hide and Ratchet ended up being HISS tanks.  Well after the success of the Starscream Skystriker at last years comic con, Hasbro has decided to release another Joe/Transformers hybrid at the convention this summer.  Shockwave as a HISS Tank!!  How cool is that?  Hella cool.  You can bet I’ll get my hands on one of those by any means necessary and I’ll be sure to share my thoughts on it with you right here.  Stay tuned.  10 out of 10.


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