The original Scare Glow figure came out in one of the final waves of MOTU figures in 1987.  The other figures released that year were  all pretty crappy and I never owned any of them.    As goofy as Rio-Blast and Clamp Champ were the Mattel designers must’ve had a little bit of gas left in the tank to come up with Scare Glow.  He looked cool, his name was cool, and his action feature was cool: he glowed (glew?) in the dark.  You’d think making a skeleton themed bad guy would be a no no seeing as the main bad guy Skeletor already had that schtick.   However this design is pretty far removed from Skeletor’s look other than the skull face and purple cape that only a Mom could confuse the two.  Scareglows body design was a solid black base with bones pained over top, kind of like Johnny and his Cobra -Kai cronies wore in the originla Karate Kid movie.  I’m not sure if the character was actually supposed to be wearing a black suit with a bone design over top of it or if the black supposed to represent negative space and Scareglow actually had a skinny little skeleton body.  I think the skeleton body would make more sense but I always imagined that the black was part of his costume and that he really was as muscle bound as everyone else in town.  Kinda makes you wonder what he would look like if he took his unitard off though.

80s original

I recently acquired the Classics version of Scareglow released through the Mattel website and I gotta say that he is super cool.  He’s very true to the original look but better proportioned and meaner looking.  He includes a collared purple cape which sits nicely on his shoulders, his classic green scythe , and a strange key holder accessory.  It’s a cylinder which appears to be grey stone with a chain at the bottom that connects to his wrist.  There’s an amazingly detailed Castle Greyskull miniature on the top that pops off and hidden inside is what I assume is a key to said Castle.  This modern Scareglow retains the glow in the dark feature of the original and it looks great.  Have him catch a little light then flick the light off and he’s a blazing green skeleton.  Hopefully the next time MOTU resurfaces as either a cartoon or comic series some time is spent developing this character as he’s never really been explored in the past.  9 out of 10.



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