I realize I’m starting to sound like a broken record but this here is another fantastic character design from the brilliant Jack Kirby.  Like the previously reviewed Darkseid and Mantis, Mr. Miracle is a character created by Kirby for his 4th World series published by DC Comics in the early 70s.  Of the 3 books created to establish the 4th world, Mr. Miracle’s book lasted the longest at 18 issues where as The New Gods and The Forever People lasted only 11 issues each.  Of those 3 series the Mr. Miracle books are the only ones I’ve read.  I’ve been familiar with the New Gods (of which Mr. Miracle is a “member”) for many years but only recently took an interest in educating myself on their history.  I bought the complete Mr. Miracle series which was collected in two trade paper backs and I thoroughly enjoyed them.  Old 70s comics can be pretty jarring to read after having become so accustomed to the modern style of story telling.  In modern comics there’s plenty of splash pages and giant panels to show off the art and story lines usually span 6 issues.  In the old days writers crammed what would now be a 6 issue story into one single issue.  There’s alot of dialogue and much of it is unnatural exposition. Like if a character is running through the woods to escape from a pursing mob they’ll say out loud to themselves, “Perhaps if I climb up this nearby tree and hide in it’s lush foliage my pursuers will run directly past me allowing me to make a daring escape.”  The cornballyness was refreshing though and took me back to my childhood when that was how all super heroes talked.  Mr. Miracle is not exactly a super hero mind you, he’s a super escape artist.  That’s his ability, he escapes.  Every issue involved some villain capturing him and placing him in an unescapable death trap which of course he would escape from.  Totally silly but totally fun to read.

MR. M and his gf Big Barda

The figure is awesome.  I’ve reviewed all kind of toys on here that I’ve told you were designed by Mr. Kirby but this is the first one to actually be designed to resemble his particular art style.  The rigid look and muscle definition lines are pure Kirby.  I find the hands more than anything remind me of Kirby’s boxy style.  I absolutely love it.  The colors are about as loud as you can get, with a mix of strong red, green and yellow.  This figure looks like a throw back and it works great with this sculpting style.  I find modern design Mr. Miracle figures look pretty goofy trying to pull off this crazy outfit but here it works.  Another aspect of this design that I really like is the absence of a nose.  This is how he appeared in many of Kirby’s drawings and I think it makes him appear more alien thus less like a doofus.

Issue #1

Other artists tend to draw him with a solid nose and pupils which makes him appear more human.  Mr. Miracle is actually just a dude in a mask (His name is Scott Free, get it?) but I prefer this other worldly look.  For accessories Mr. Miracle includes a mother box which is basically the iphone that helps him make his escapes and a display stand.  Most DC Direct figures come with display stands, usually of the characters logo but I especially love the New Gods bases.  Each one is translucent yellow with Kirby Crackle all around the edge.  An awesome little detail.  DC Direct has been making amazing figures of DC’s characters for years now but I think if I had to pick a single favorite series it would be these New Gods figures.  Great stuff.  10 out of 10.


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