Here’s another one of my recently acquired Battle Beasts that I scored off of Kijiji.   It’s very satisfying to finally have these figures in my collection after such a long wait.  Hopefully I’ll find the final two that I need for a decent price before too long.  Once I have a complete set I may consider displaying them rather than leaving them to sit in a box in the closet.  I found a dude on ebay who makes wall mounted custom display cases out of plexi-glass which look quite nice.  I bought a few to display my Marvel Universe figures and am very satisfied.  He has ones made to display Zippo lighters which would be the perfect size for Battle Beasts.

So what can I tell you about this character…nothing comes to mind.  Battle Beasts never had elaborate back stories crafted for them and since I never owned this toy as a kid I can’t even tell you about the back story that I created for him.  he’s kind of a blank slate really.  “The Crow” is my favorite movie however I should probably save my thoughts on that until I review my “The Crow” figure.

Let’s just move onto the figure itself,  it’s a nice one.  Not all of the bird figures come across so good.  It’s kind of hard to make a chicken look tough no matter how much body armor you slap on him.  The crow on the other hand is a pretty tough looking bird as far as birds go.  The solid black feathers and yellow eye make this guy look kind of eerie.  The blue armor is a nice complementary color to the black.  And I really love the yellow…I dunno…anklets they put on this guy.  They really stand out and give him a solid stance. I wonder what team I would have put him on had I gotten this toy as a child.  I’m actually thinking good guy, but  a break-the-rules type of good guy who doesn’t follow orders.  Total bad-ass.  7 out of 10.

This is funny. For those not in the know a flock of crows is called a murder of crows.



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  1. Nice addition, though I admit, I’m a little surprised that a local guy on Kijiji is even selling Battle Beasts.

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