While this may look like a G.I. Joe figure it is not.  This is a CORPS! figure made by Lanard Toys.  For as long as G.I. Joe as been around there have been knock-offs and wannabe toy lines, the most successful of which has been The Corps!  It’s easier to find Corps figures than it is to find G.I.Joes most of the time.  I’m not sure what type of shady deal Lanard made with retailers but I’ve seen entire aisles at Toys R Us devoted to the Corps with nary a single Joe in sight.  And yet nobody knows the Corps.  They never had a tv show or a comic book, they’ve always just ridden on Joes coattails, profiting off of their marketing.  Lanard makes cheaper figures and offers them at a fraction of the price so that’s what parents who don’t know any better buy for their kids.  As much as I hate to see The Corps taking of Joe’s shelf space at my local toy stores you have to give them some credit.  This line has survived for years and they actually manage to produce some pretty cool stuff despite the lesser quality.  A Joe plane might cost $40 where as a Corps plane will cost $15 so I can understand why some thrifty parents might go that route.  Lanard has released a ton of figures and vehicles over the years.  I usually don’t pay them much attention but every now and again a particular figure will catch my eye and I’ll decide to pick it up, it’s only a couple of bucks after all.  This was the case one day back in the late 90s when I came across these new space themed Corps figures call S.T.A.R. Force.  They were a bunch of cool looking sci-fi astronauts in two and three packs priced at only $5 or so.  Joes were hard to come by at this particular time so I figured I’d treat myself to some new characters via The Corps.  Corps figures are constructed the exact same way as Joes and to the untrained eye are virtually identical.  I scooped up 4 of these figures and in my mind they became an extension of Joe’s futuristic sub-team, Battle Force 2000.

Reactor here has a pretty unique design with some nice little details.  I’m impressed how all the Star Force manage to look distinct from one another yet all look to be part of a unified team.  The helmet designs are just different enough and the addition of a few bright colors help to break up the mostly white uniforms and to differentiate the characters.  Reactor is sporting some Michelangelo orange.  The large helmet and overall look of this figure remind of the spacesuits seen in 2001: A Space Odyssey. The accessories are appropriately sci-fi with a ridiculously over-sized back pack and a laser rifle that looks like a super soaker.  One thing I had either forgotten or never knew about this figure is that it’s actually a woman under that giant helmet.  According to her file card her name is Mary O’Connor.  Definitely not the hottest chick action figure in my collection but a pretty cool one. 6 out of 10.


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I'm a dude that collects toys and writes. I figured I'd combine my hobbies.

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