After Mer-Man, the one MOTU figure that I desperately wanted was Mantenna.  Something about this figure just really appealed to me and I’m not sure what.  Don’t get me wrong, I still think it’s a cool toy but to be the second most desired toy by my young mind from the entire line of wicked cool MOTU characters seems rather strange to me.  I’m not sure if this would have altered his position on the desirability chart or not but like most toy lines from my childhood me and Doug split it down the middle with a picksies session over the latest Sears Wishbook.  Doug already had a bunch of the cool creatures spoken for so having Skeletor, Beast-Man or Trap-Jaw as my second favorite character was not an option.  Speaking of Doug, allow me to take a second to congratulate him on here for the birth of his son Lucas last week.  Lucas is my 6th nephew, I have 3 siblings each with 2 sons. I love all of the little buggers but I feel Doug’s boys will be the ones growing up with a childhood most like mine and Doug’s and that makes me pretty happy.  The other boys are into trucks and sports but Doug’s first born is already well versed in Marvel comics, G.I. Joe and Wrestling all by age 4.  He and his new brother are in good hands.

Back to Mantenna, I think one of the things that appealed to me most about this character when I first saw him in the catalogue was his  size.  His legs looked so thick and sturdy compared to the usual squat and wobbly legs of the other MOTU figures.  Plus Mantenna’s face looked scary, like nightmare inducing.  Those giant bloodshot eyes, the tusks and that grodey sarlacc like orifice that passes for a mouth and then the big veiny ears, this dude was just straight up disturbing to look at.  The bug-out eye action was also a cool and unique play feature that added to his creepy weirdness.  It wasn’t until I saw the character in animated form in the She-Ra cartoon that I realized how wrong I had been about him.  In the cartoon he was more cute than scary and he was played as comic relief always bumbling about.  He rivaled Orko in his cheesiness.  The cartoon also showed me that instead of the thick strong legs I thought he had he actually had 4 scrawny legs like a bug.  It’s fairly obvious looking at the toy that these were intended to be 4 legs but I really didn’t see it that way when I first got the figure.  Despite his extremely lame portrayal in the show (he wasn’t the only one that the animated series did no favors for) I still thought he was a cool looking, fun toy and that’s what it’s all about.  8 out of 10.

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  1. A lot of the Hordak badguys were cooler than skeletors. Infact, I just loved their Troopers a lot. I had Mantanae as well, and was pretty fond of him. I remember bringing him to school on a winterish day, and wound up almost completely having his eye paint rub off in the snow. I was so mad at myself for that.

    He did suck on the show.

  2. Hey! I’ve seen that girls PINEAPPLE on the internet before.

  3. Hey bro. Thanks on the congrats for Luke. I’m a little behind on my reading as this is the first time I’ve been on here since he was born. BTW…I don’t know what happened to my army ant. I’m pretty sure I kept the diver but I haven’t seen him in years.

  4. I also thought that about the legs! Years later, I looked back and thought that I, too, was just not-so-observant because clearly they are intended to look like 4 legs. I wish that they had made the 80’s toy like Modulok or something… maybe the Classics figure will be produced that way. Oh, and Merman & Teela were MY must-haves along with Mantenna!

    • Thanks for checking out the site Geret. I really hope we get a classics version of Mantenna. The line was at risk of being cancelled earlier this year and I’m sure he and Modulok are two of the unmade characters that would require the most new tooling so it may not happen. Fingers crossed.
      Good choices on Merman and Teela.

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