As much as I love Transformers it’s tough to stay up to date on what toys are about to be released or have already been released.  I’m trying to stay on top of it these days but for quite a while I wasn’t paying close attention.  I always know months in advance what Joes, He-Men or Marvel Universe figures are coming out because there are not nearly as many to keep track of.  When it comes to Transformers there are so many goddamn figures coming out that it’s hard to follow.  There’s so many different lines, whether it be the movie lines, the animation influenced ones, or the Star Wars themed ones it nearly impossible to get a straight answer when you google “new transformers toys” or “upcoming transformer releases”.  So for a time when I saw a new Transformer toy that I wanted on a toy store shelf I would be pleasantly surprised like “Oh, I didn’t know they were making a classic Sunstreaker.”  So every now and again I would go on ebay and just search the name of a random character I liked to see if any toys had been released of them that I didn’t know about and may have missed at the store.  One day not long ago I searched for “Quintesson”.  The Quintessons were introduced in the 1987 Transformers animated movie which I’ve talked about before.  They were weird and I can’t say that I really liked them all that much but they intrigued me I suppose.  In the season that followed the movie the Quintessons appeared in almost every episode of the show.  They became key players in the Transformers mythos having apparently created the Transformers way back when.  Though the movie was jarring at first, it and the new characters it introduced grew on me over time.  I was surprised when my search turned up a variety of Quintesson figures.  This 5 faced one was the one most prominently featured and is known as the Judge.  Quintesson’s also come in Scientist, Guard, Executioner and Prosecutor.  If you notice a theme there it’s because the Quintessons were known for holding very one-sided trials for captured enemies.  Hot Rod was subject to one of these trials in the movie.  All of the various Quintesson figures that I found on ebay were cool but they were also pricey so I went for the Judge as that was the one I knew best.

When this figure arrived in the mail I was very impressed.  The likeness to the animation is killer.  The detailing in the 5 faces is great and they look just how I remember them.  The weird grey egg that makes up the body also has nice detailing with some sculpted panelling and a bunch of antennas that plug into the top.  There are 4 tentacles that hang from the bottom of the egg and they look alright but I wish they were more posable.  They can be bent and posed but not very well and they still just hang, you can’t have them point a Transformer in the face or anything.  There is a clear plastic base included to prop the egg body up on.  In the cartoons that’s how they moved around, by hovering on some energy beam projected from their bottoms.  The clear stand is sculpted to look like an energy blast and is quite effective.  An extra bit of cool was added in that with the click of a button the beam lights up to really give that laser beam effect.  Here’s the issue I have with this thing, it introduced me to a whole new world. It has opened a giant can of transforming goodness which is bound to cost me plenty of dough for the foreseeable future.  You see this wasn’t made by Hasbro, the company that makes Transformers.  This is basically a kick ass bootleg made by a company called Impossible Toys.  I have since discovered that there are a number of these 3rd party companies producing awesome updated versions of characters that Hasbro has ignored.  The companies change the names of the characters slightly for legal reasons (This was called Quint-1 for example) and then apparently it’s open season.  I have since bought 3 more of these 3rd party figures which are expensive and limited in numbers but they’re of great quality and look amazing.  There’s a jaw dropping Devestator which runs $550 to $600.  God help me.  Anyway, Quint-1 scores 9 out of 10.


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I'm a dude that collects toys and writes. I figured I'd combine my hobbies.

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