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I’ve got a little time to kill here at work while I wait for a call to come through so I figured I’d review another one of my desk toys. This here is Snake-Eyes, The G.I. Joe team’s resident ninja /commando. Snake-Eyes is probably the most recognizable Joe, rivalled only by Duke. Duke isn’t nearly as interesting to look at but he does have the benefit of being able to speak thus obviously making him a better “spokesman” for the brand. Snake-Eyes is incapable of speaking (or chooses not too depending on which continuity you follow) so he remains the quiet but cool looking face of the G.I. Joe team. And by face I mean mask. His face is never shown because of a horrible disfigurement (or just because, depending on which continuity you follow). I won’t get into Snake-Eyes history right now because I have like 30 Snake-Eyes figures and I’ll need something to talk about later so let’s just move onto the review.

Snake-Eyes un-mugged

This is the cutesy Mighty Mugg version of the character. Mighty Muggs all share the same basic shape but are painted in the designs of pop culture icons like the Star Wars characters, Super-Heroes or Transformers. I previously reviewed the Grimlock Mighty Mugg. There were only 2 waves of 4 Muggs released as Joes. The first consisted of Cobra Commander, Duke, Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow. I initially passed on them only because I already had a million different versions of these characters and as cute as these were I thought I could do without. Well that lasted for a while but then one day Strange Adventures got a bunch of them in and I couldn’t bear to see them there week after week so I caved and bought the rival ninjas. I’m sure I’ll eventually cave to the Commander and Duke as well. Snake-Eyes is pretty rad and captures all the best bits about the character. They opted for the visor style head of Snake Eyes version 2 first released in 1985. This is the most popular look for the character and the one most often seen in media tie-ins. The arashikage symbol which represents the ninja clan to which he belongs is located on his sleeve. Technically it’s a tattoo on his forearm but seeing as his forearm is not exposed I like that they added it to the sleeve. It ties him to the Storm Shadow Mugg which does have his forearm tattoo visible. Snakes has a sword to represent his ninja heritage and also a super cute boxy little uzi to represent his commando training. The inclusion of both weapons is a very nice little touch. This may not be the toughest looking Snake-Eyes I own but it’s the most lovable. 8 out of 10.


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  1. Wow i’m way behind in my reading here!! I love this little figure. The Marvel comics versions of the characters were always my favorites. And until recently your comment of “Depending on which continuity you follow,” would have confused me. Having only recently discovered the newer comics that have come out over the last few years. I picked up a bunch of recent IDW books and have been having a ball reading them. time to go dig out my old Marvel ones and reread them next.

    • Thanks for popping back over to my site Paul. Growing up there was basically the Cartoon and the Marvel Comics continuity. The cartoon was campier and Cobra Commander came from a race of underground snake-men as opposed to being a disgruntled car salesman like he was in the comics. My young mind was able to separate these two worlds and pick the elements I liked from both of them to use in my Joe-verse. Nowadays, there’s the Devil’s Due comics continuity, the IDW continuity, the real-american hero (published by IDW) continuity, the live-action movies, the renegades cartoon, and more. I can imagine it would be kind of confusing to any kid trying to get into the brand now. I’m just happy the brand is still kicking after all this time.

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