I really enjoyed both Hellboy movies.  For those of you who haven’t watched them I recommend that you go check them out.  If you did check them out and weren’t impressed I would recommend you go read the comic book series.  As passionate as the director Guillermo Del Toro was about the comics and as big a fan as he was of the source material, the movies failed to translate the Hellboy “feel” to screen.  The movies were a fun enjoyable ride but the comics are an absolute pleasure to read.  The first movie’s story focused around Hellboy’s origins and borrowed heavily from the comics.   You’d think that would be a good thing, and I understand why they went that route but the problem is that even in the 10+ years of Hellboy comics they haven’t yet explained his origins.  The movie tried to give too much information in one 2 hour dose.  Hellboy’s tale (no pun intended) is better told in smaller doses, with important bits sprinkled about his monster fighting adventures.  In Hellboy 2 Del Toro opted to go the route of most of Hellboy’s comic book adventures, with him being a character who’s basically along for the ride as some epic battle to determine the fate of mankind plays out on a grand scale around him.  I was very much anticipating the release of the second film.  In the weeks leading up to the film’s release I remember stopping into Strange Adventures on my way to work .  It was my routine Wednesday visit and I was expecting a fresh stack of comics, what I was not expecting was one of the coolest toys ever.  The shop had received their Hellboy 2 action figures but these were not your typical 6 inch collectables, nor were they even your typical deluxe 12 inch display pieces, these were colossal 18″ masterpieces.  There were 3 or 4 Hellboy’s to choose from all basically the same but with different facial expressions and accessories.  I admired the figures for quite a while before convincing myself that the $75 price tag was just too much for me to spend on a toy.  I bought my comics and left.  I made it around the corner before the voice in my head said ” Those are so cool.  They’ll probably sell out right away and then you’ll end up buying one on ebay for $200″.  

I turned around having now convinced myself that I was actually saving myself money by buying one.  I opted for the Hellboy with the most neutral expression.  It did kind of suck seeing those Hellboys sit at the shop for weeks watching as they were eventually sold off at half price but such is the life of a collector.  I’m still glad I bought this figure but the love affair has passed.  It is currently boxed up as I don’t have anywhere to display something of this size at the moment.

Hauling it out to photograph for this review did reignite the fire a little bit though.  I stand by my initial impression that this is a beast of a toy and a king among action figures.  The detailing on this thing is fantastic from head to toe, from the laces on his boots, the wrinkles in his pants, the cracks in his stone hand to the incredible likeness to the actor who portrayed him, Ron Pearlman.  Just the belt on this guy is stunning.  It’s got pouches, a weathered BPRD buckle, a beaded rosary, a lucky horseshoe and a working gun holster.  The gun accessory is also wicked detailed with moving parts including a spinning chamber.  The big duster jacket is made of a pleathery material and is full of straps and buckles and a big mean collar.  Hellboy’s shirt can zipped or unzipped depending on how much chest you like seeing on your demonic super-heroes.  The tail is made of a softer pliable plastic that feels pretty cool.  With so many great features you would think i would have this displayed proudly atop a bookshelf somewhere.   Eventually I’ll find a home for it but I think the biggest strike against this figure is that it’s Movie Hellboy.   I liked Movie Hellboy, but I didn’t love him.  If this was an 18″ Comic Hellboy you’d better believe I’d find somewhere to stick him.   That aside, this thing is awesome.  10 out of 10.


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I'm a dude that collects toys and writes. I figured I'd combine my hobbies.

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