HIT & RUN v2


Hit & Run is one of the many great Joe figures that I unfortunately don’t have much to speak about.  He was originally released in 1988 and was one of the highlights of that wave which also featured greats like Shockwave and Road Pig.  Hit & Run had a great design with the full body jungle camouflage including the fully painted face and hands.  He had great accessories including mountain climbing gear allowing him to repel down             mountainsides /bunk beds.  And he had a great backstory:  orphaned by a drunk driver at the age of 3 the young Brent Scott developed his climbing skills by frequently escaping through the windows of his foster home.  He went straight from state custody into the military.  Despite having all of these things going for him Hit & Run didn’t get any love in the cartoons or comic books.  I can’t remember him appearing at all except for maybe the occasional background shot.  I never owned the original figure, Doug did so I never really developed a personal attachment to the character either but I always thought he looked cool and he was a character I was looking forward to being released in the modern sculpt era.

It took 21 years before Hit & Run got a second figure made.  There were actually other versions released overseas but they don’t really count.  The modern version of Hit & Run was released in a 7 pack pack called Assault on Cobra Island.  This set came at a time as the 25th anniversary series was coming to an end and the movie figures were about to start hitting the shelves.  Hasbro threw collector’s a bone and released a Joe 7 pack and a Cobra 7 pack full of fan favorite characters  that had not yet seen modern releases.  The Joe set included the previously reviewed Ripcord.  This Hit & Run is a great update of the original and contains all the same elements that made the original so cool in the first place. Same camouflage paint scheme, a grappling hook and climbing gear, and some new elements to his character revealed on the file card.  One area that is an improvement over the original is the fact that helmet is removable this time around and it works without seeming to big and clunky.  Many joes are made up of reused parts which is usually fine except for when they reuse faces which I hate.  Hit & Run is a Franken-joe made up of various parts including the head and helmet of Airborne.   This would normally be a bummer but the painted face disguises it so well that even side by side they look like totally distinct characters.  Yo Joe!  8 out of 10.

Pic of the 1988 version in action borrowed from YoJoe.com

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  1. I had hit and run back in the day. In fact, I had quite a lot of GI Joes, but haven’t really thought about the minor ones much until I started reading your blog and Hit and Run was one I completely forgot existed. If you had just shown me a picture of him, I’m sure I would have remembered owning him, but would have been unlikely to come up with his name.

    He had a cool look though, but I’m pretty sure I got him in the middle of a span where I started spending a lot of ‘my own’ money on Joes, so he never really stood out to me. A few facts of what I remember about him. Though there was no evidence to this, I thought Hit and Run was black. Also, I never really looked at him close for a long time, and despite knowing he was camouflaged, I always mistook one of the camo lines as a mustache.

    Good memories.

  2. I also had the original toy which I bought at Consumer’s Distributing. I’d say along with Shockwave he was my favorite of the releases that came out in that series. The new one looks cool for sure!

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