I picked Tweak today because I don’t have much to say about him and I’m feeling lazy.  I just got home from seeing the new 21 Jump Street movie which was actually pretty funny.  I went out for dinner and then the movie almost directly from work and now that I’m finally home I just want to kick back and veg in front of the tv.  Maybe I’ll read some comics, I have a decent sized stack that I’m trying to get through and I’ll be adding to it tomorrow.  And yet I feel compelled to post something so that my devoted fans will have something new to read tomorrow morning.  So this is why I picked Tweak.  Tweak is mostly a background character.  He had his time in the spotlight in some earlier seasons but the show has moved on and Tweak has been left behind.  His tweakyness was kind of a one-note joke.  Timmy suffered a similar fate but at least I enjoyed Timmy, Tweak never did much for me really.Tweek_Tweak

The figure is excellent though as all the figures in this series were.  It takes the simple 2D design of the South Park characters and flawlessly brings them into the 3rd dimension.  They got the crazy hair right, the mis-buttoned shirt is there…what more do you need in a Tweak figure.  It is a shame though that so few figures were produced in this line and Tweak had to take up one of the spots, I’d rather of had a Craig.  Oh well.  5 out of 10.


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I'm a dude that collects toys and writes. I figured I'd combine my hobbies.

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