I’m pretty sure I mentioned before that I wasn’t a zombie guy, it must have been on the Zombie-Viper post.  The truth is I just didn’t realize I was a Zombie guy because in the past few years I’ve accumulated a decent collection of Zombie movies, comics and now toys.   I used to see zombies as just those lame corpses shuffling along looking for brains to eat or backing up MJ for a killer dance number.  I just didn’t find the concept interesting. Movies like 28 days later and the new Dawn of the Dead had begun to change my mind but not enough for me to care when I heard about this new zombie comic coming out from Image comics.  I glanced at it and dismissed it, a black and white indie book-this won’t last long.  But it did, it lasted for quite a while and I kept hearing good things.  One day Strange Adventures had the first 4 trades (collections of 6 single issues) in a discount box for $10 a piece.  I figured I would finally see what the hype was all about so I picked up the first one.  I read it in one sitting and went back the next day to buy the other 3.  In less than 24 hours I absorbed the first 24 issues of the series and I was hooked.  I’ve been on board ever since and now have 15 of those collections.  Whenever a new one is released it’s the first thing I read out of my stack and I power through it cover to cover which I rarely do with collected editions.  The premise of the series is basically-what happens in those zombie movies after the credits roll.  The heroes survived the initial outbreak but there’s still a world of zombies out there and life has to go on.  The series focuses on the people but the zombies remain an ever looming background threat and you just never know when the shit is gonna hit the fan.

When I heard there was going to be a tv series based on it I had mixed feelings.  Could they pull it off?  Would it be riddled with cheesy effects?  Would it last long enough to explore this world to the extent the comic has?  Well the first season debuted and I thought it was pretty good.   It was well casted and the zombies looked good though the digital blood effects left something to be desired.  The problem with adaptations like this is since I’ve read the books I already know what’s gonna happen.  And yet when the series strayed from the book I didn’t like it.  “This isn’t supposed to happen! grrr.”  The season finale didn’t impress me so I wasn’t sure I was gonna bother with season 2.   Well season 2 started up again this past fall and just wrapped up last Sunday.  And I gotta tell you the tv series has it’s hooks in me now just like the comic book.  I love that I don’t know what’s going to happen.  I have a general idea which is fun but then they throw you these curveballs like, “he’s not supposed to die! WTF!”

McFarlane toys released two series of Walking Dead figures a few months ago.  Like the comic and the show I resisted at first.  They looked cool and all but I just didn’t need to start buying something else.  Well after the wicked season finale last week I suddenly felt compelled to go buy some. <little spoiler> Michonne is one of the main characters in the comic series and she shows up looking totally bad ass in the final scene of season 2 and that’s what made me say “I need that Michonne figure”.  So that’s what I did, I went and bought Michonne.  But then I started thinking well if I’m gonna buy Michonne  then I gotta buy Rick Grimes, the star of the series.  I had a few Rick’s to choose from:  There’s a version based on his comic book appearance and then there’s also a tv series accurate version which looks like actor Andrew Lincoln.

Full Color version

I went with the tv version.  But then I had to decide if I wanted the standard full color version or the black and white variant.  After much back and fourth I opted for the black and white version.  The stark paint scheme is accented by some red blood spatter on the figure’s shirt and face like he just blew the head off of a walker at close range.  The actor likeness is great which isn’t unusual for a McFarlane product but these figures are smaller at 4″ than their usual 6″+ offerings.  He comes with a bunch of accessories, guns, grenade, phone and baseball bat.  I can’t comment too much on the articulation as I haven’t opened mine yet and I’m not sure I will.  Since he’s kind of an oddity in my collection I may just tack him to the wall in package.  McFarlane isn’t known for having the best articulation though as their figures are more like models than toys.  This guy does appear to have more joints than most other McFarlane toys though.  7 out of 10.


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