Some people attempt to annoy or poke fun at me by referring to my collection as dolls.  It really doesn’t bother me.  The smaller hard plastic figures packaged with guns and swords I would say are clearly action figures.  By referring to them as dolls just shows that you don’t know what you’re talking about.  However once the figures reach 12 inches in size and they include removable cloth clothing that you can swap from one figurine to the next then I concede, those things are dolls. Unfortunately once you refer to a figure as a doll then it suddenly has an air of girlyness associated with it.  Clearly that’s old fashioned thinking, it’s like when someone says nurse and you automatically assume they’re referring to a woman.  People actually have to specify a male-nurse when they’re talking about a man in the profession which just seems silly in this day and age.   There’s nothing girly about being a nurse.   Just as I stand by the notion that there’s nothing girly about owning a doll.  Sure most dolls are geared towards young girls but not all of them.  More and more dolls are being geared towards collectors , specifically men.  All of the dolls in my collection are manly dolls which are nothing to be ashamed of. <ahem>.  The majority of my doll collection is made up of Star Wars dolls.  And I’m not talking Princess Amidala and Princess Leia, I’m talking Darth f**king Vader.  My doll collection is made up of monsters,  aliens and intergalactic bounty hunters.  I never bought as many of these 12″ Star Wars figures as I would’ve liked to simply because they take up so much more room to display and they’re about 3 times as costly.  Collecting the smaller versions made much more economical sense.  However there was a particular figure that I always had a hard time passing on whenever I would come across one, the Storm Trooper.  I own the classic Storm Trooper, the Snow Trooper and the Clone Trooper.  If I had the chance I’d scoop up the Biker Scout and At-AT Driver versions of this “elite” fighting force as well.

The reason it’s so hard to pass on a 12″ Storm Trooper is that I think the costume looks better blown up.  It’s hard to pack much detail into a 3″ figure and though the Storm Trooper armor isn’t exactly super detailed it really does shine at this scale.  It’s much closer to what appears on screen then it’s mini counterpart.  It gives you a sense of how the armor actually fit on the “real” Storm Troopers and how they were able to move while wearing it.  I can imagine this wasn’t the most comfy thing to wear to work every day.  Stormy here came with a large laser rifle which is pretty boss and that’s all he really needed.  The Storm Trooper armor is wicked and iconic and doesn’t need any bells and whistles beyond that.  8 out of 10.


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I'm a dude that collects toys and writes. I figured I'd combine my hobbies.

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