Whiplash was actually a He-Man figure that I did not own as a kid.  Which is kind of odd because he was released during the peak years when I was still collecting the line and he’s a lizard man: I love lizard men.  It seems everybody else had Whiplash as he’s one of the most common figures I spot at flea markets and such, so why didn’t I have him?  I don’t know.  I’m sure if I had really wanted him my Dad would’ve came through as he always did and got him for me.  I guess I was just more concerned with Joes and Transformers at the time and quite frankly, even for a lizard man Whiplash was fugly.  The face on the original figure didn’t really look lizardy at all.  He had big bushy black Bert eyebrows, weird pimple like scales that would’ve made more sense if his arms and legs were textured the same, Drag Queen eye make-up and a Leno chin.  Other than his whipping tail feature there wasn’t much to latch onto with this ugly ass figure.

80s original

Well when the MOTU series was revived in the early 2000s, the design team took all kinds of goofy characters and made them cool.  One of the best examples of this is Whiplash.   The 200x version of Whiplash sculpted by the Four Horseman (Famous toy sculptors-yep. those exist) is amazing.  They kept some of the basic design elements of the original so that the character is still recognizable as Whiplash but they took everything that sucked and made it good.  They kept the banded chest design of the original and turned it into a  cool bone like armor plating.   They kept the two toned green color scheme abut applied it in a much more natural way.  They kept the rough textured skin but instead of pimples it’s a more realistic reptilian scale pattern and it covers his entire body.  The head sculpt is fantastic, it retains the underbite and the dark circles around the eyes of the original but makes them work.  The character actually looks like a mean and scary lizard man instead of an acne riddled muppet talk-show host.   Another vast improvement is the size of the figure.  He’s been given some real girth in this version.  He kind of reminds me of a Gamorrean Guard the way he’s built and postured.  He’s somebody I would not want to mess with even if I was He-Man.  His back and tail are even full of great details that are clearly alligator inspired.  I love everything about this figure.  My one gripe is that his tail falls off very easily.   For that I’m gonna deduct half a point.  9.5 out of 10.


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  1. The updated one is pretty cool looking, great improvement over the original.

  2. Well your tail must be shit because mines securely attached on Whiplash here….mind you, the bastard that sold me mine didn’t mention one of his legs had been GLUED on after it had broken….he left me some rather abusive feedback when I simply left a rightfully deserved negative for this ONE figure, I’d spent about $80 (it was a UK seller) on loose, complete MOTU 200X figures he had listed….the others got appropriate positive feedback….bastard. Anyhow, I did that ebay trick of getting the gits at ebay to retain the rating but remove his spiteful comments….ha ha. All in all, even with the static leg, he’s one fine figure, the original looked like a Jay Leno retard….

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