This figure here is a pretty sad representation of the mighty Kong standing a mere 2 inches tall.  And yet it’s cool enough to warrant an entry on my collection blog.  After all this is the only representation of the character that I own based on the 2005 Peter Jackson remake.  I was super pumped when I first found out about the Kong remake but I was leery.  My favorite monster, Godzilla didn’t fare so well in his contemporary re-imagining.  I actually like the Broderick Godzilla flick but it didn’t feel much like Godzilla; more like a Jurassic Park sequel.  I was worried they might stray to far from the source material on Kong as they did on Zilla.  Well, they didn’t, Kong stayed pretty close to the original which was nice.  However it was far from perfect.  My other major fear going in was realized, Peter “Lord of the Rings” Jackson bloated the film to an almost unwatchable length.  I’m not sure I’ll ever sit through that film in one sitting ever again.  The first hour can be skipped over pretty easily without the viewer being  lost and that’s never a good thing.  I’m partial to the original stop motion monkey but Jackson’s CG ape was still pretty impressive.  The motion capture technology used to give Kong realistic movements worked fantastically and the overall design of the character was great.  This Kong had a ton of personality in his face and body which was literally covered in scars.

This mini figure does a good job of capturing some of that personality and a rather excessive job at capturing some of those scars.  The bright red paint used is far from subtle.   Rather than appearing to be an aged animal who has spent decades defending his home from beasties this Kong looks like he’s smack dab in the middle of fight with Edward Scissor Hands.  Still for a figure this size he’s nicely detailed and I appreciate the fact that they used any paint apps at all when they could’ve easily cheaped out and went with stark black all over.  I think this figure came packaged with the movie though I don’t remember for sure.  It may have been a Blockbuster exclusive product now that I think about it.  I was working at BB when this film came out on DVD and I think we may have been giving these little fellas away when people purchased it.  There was also a little T-Rex for Kong to fight which I used to have but seem to have misplaced.  Not a bad little toy but in hind sight I should’ve bought one of the bigger Kong toys that were available at the time.  4 out of 10.



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  1. I almost forgot Kong had scars and then in the pictrue of the toy I was like “what the hell is all that?”

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