This is another one of the toys from my childhood that may leave some of you scratching your heads.  “You got rid of your Optimus Prime and Hulk Hogan toys but you kept…Mark?”  Yes, yes I did.  I wish I hadn’t gotten rid of anything but such is life.  I am glad I held onto Mark though as he is one of the oldest action figures I have.  I was probably a toddler when I got this guy. He was part of a set that included a helicopter with 2 pilots, a black guy and a white guy and a raft.  There was a trigger under the tail of the helicopter if I remember correctly that made the propeller spin and operated a claw like contraption on the bottom which was used to pick up or release the raft.  We got rid of the helicopter ages ago but the raft might still be kicking around my folks place somewhere as I remember seeing it around for years after the copter was gone.   These figures actually didn’t have names, or if they did I don’t remember them.  I’m pretty sure that Doug and I dubbed them Mark and Jason.  If there was a reason for that it’s long since forgotten.  I remember playing with these guys a lot and having them fly around the house on many adventures.  These guys would have pre-dated my massive G.I. Joe collection.  Once Joe became our primary focus Mark and Jason made for excellent civilian figures to work into our Joe stories as the figures while less articulated than Joes were to scale with them.  We had a few random civilian style figures and I never really gave much thought over the years as to where they came from.  Mark and Jason’s joints were loose as hell after one too many bathtub missions.  A little shake of their torso sent their heads, arms and legs flailing.

very flexible

Despite having lost all ability to hold a pose or even sit up straight this pilot duo always fared well in our figure drawer battle royals that I mentioned in  my Crank post.  Mark and Jason were originally wearing solid yellow jump suits and white helmets with green visors.  At some point in my childhood I was convinced that every guy was cooler with a mustache.  Maybe it was because my dad rocked a beard and mustache my whole life or maybe because Magnum PI was big at the time but Doug and I decided the boys would be improved by sporting some killer staches.  With the aid of some permanent markers Mark and Jason were treated to mustaches, red helmets, black collars, and blue jeans.   To this day I still think it’s an improvement despite my belief that mustaches aren’t as cool as I once thought.

A pic of the complete set I found online

When it came time to write about this figure I googled him and see what I could find out.  It was then that I found out that he was manufactured by Fisher Price under the brand “Adventure People”.  Further digging made me remember all of the other awesome Adventure People sets we owned as young kids but had gotten rid of.  A boat set complete with 2 divers and a shark,  a deep sea diver in pressure suit complete with treasure chest and octopus, and even this strange race car/spaceship thing that I remember burying in Borden and losing forever akin to Turtle Man.   I have a renewed love for Fisher Price’s Adventure People and intend on trying to replace all the ones I once had.  I’ve already taken the first step and bought a lot of 10 random Adventure People figures on ebay.  All Adventure People were in the same pose as Mark here with the one bent arm which allowed them to place a hand on the steering wheel of whatever vehicle you placed them on.  Their designs were fairly simple but they’re very durable and pretty decent figures overall.  A great figure that brings back a lot of great childhood memories.  8 out of 10.

spaceship thingy lost in the sand pit on Sangro Loop

octopus set

The boat and shark set I intend to replace


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  1. I was giving this some thought and I’m almost thinking that we named these guys Mark and Jason after some of the main characters from the Battle of The Planets cartoon.

  2. This guy could pass as a modern age Mexican construction worker. His accessories would include a hammer, a shovel and a bag of alive chicken (for lunch, you know)

  3. I’ve always wondered about toys if they paint them one base color and add the others (which is probably true) but it seems they painted him yellow because of his shirt. Why not paint him black so his skin colour wouldn’t fade to yellow??? weird.

    • As a cost cutting measure toys are generally molded in whatever color would require the least amount of paint. For example, most of those old rubber wrestling toys were molded in flesh colored plastic because they were mostly nude guys in little shorts but guys like Honky Tonk Man who wore full blue outfits were molded in blue; so their flesh tones would awkwardly rub off of their faces like poor mark here.

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