This here is the final Battle Beast I have to review from my kijiji purchase a little while back.  I needed 5 more Beasts to complete my collection and I asked you, my faithful readers to keep me informed if you were to stumble across them.  Within days good ol’ brother Doug came through telling me that he found a lot of Battle Beasts for sale on the internet classifieds page Kijiji.  The lot contained 3 of the 5 figures I needed and the guy sold them to me for a very reasonable 10 bucks.  I still need the penguin and the fin-headed lizard so keep your eyes peeled folks.  So I already reviewed Tanglin Pangolin and Crooked Crow from that purchase and this here is Harrier Hawk.  Hawk is not destined to be one of my favourites.  I actually find him rather bland and crappy.

First off birds usually don’t make the coolest animal warriors.  There are exceptions to the rule such as the aforementioned Crow which I actually think is pretty cool.  This guy though has a bunch of of issues that keep him from being one of those cool birds.  His colors are boring; consisting of a dull gray body and a lackluster blue armour.  That random pink pastie on his nipple doesn’t help matters.  His biggest problem is the armor.  This guy look less he’s wearing battle ready defensive gear and more like he’s a shitty bird cyborg.  The legs are weird, too thick for a bird with freaky feet and armor that barely covers the front of him at all.  Not to mention that random tube that seems to plug into his leg for no apparent reason.  He’s almost completely lacking chest protection.  The pink vent seems to be built right into him and the over one shoulder emblem thing he’s got going on just messes with his symmetry and visual appeal.  And then there’s those weird shoulder protuberances that seems to serve no purpose at all.  The head and the wings are alright looking but from the neck down this guy basically sucks.  This figure really doesn’t do much for me other than fill a hole in my collection.  3 out of 10.


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I'm a dude that collects toys and writes. I figured I'd combine my hobbies.

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