Happy Easter everybody!  It is mid-afternoon  on Easter Sunday and I am trying to quickly get this entry posted before my dad picks me up to deliver me to the Easter family gathering.  Today’s gathering is at my Uncle Ken’s place out in Fall River.  You may remember me mentioning Ken in an earlier entry, Grizzly Gundam, which I posted specifically for him.  Most of my family lives in the surrounding suburbs of the city while I am right downtown.  I have never had my driver’s license and so every time we have one of these get togethers it’s always out in the boonies so my dad is tasked with picking me up and taking me home.  Which sucks for him but it means I always get to drink.  It’s not very Eastery out there today unfortunately.  A mix of snow and rain makes for a crappy Easter egg hunt in Ken’s backyard which is a shame because he has a big one.  So therefore all my brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts and uncles are gonna have to crowd into Ken’s living room for a nice and cozy Easter supper.  I’ll probably end up eating it  while standing in a corner or sitting on the arm of a chair if I’m lucky.  I miss Spring-y Easters.  All of the Easter memories from my childhood took place on beautiful spring days.  We always got toys in our easter baskets and they were usually spring themed like skipping ropes, pogo balls, and bottles of bubbles for blowing (remember the big ones that made huge bubbles? the joystick I believe it was called).  My most memorable Easter toys were from the year when I got my first Battle Beasts.  I got the fox, the bat, the rhino and the ram and my lil bro Brian got the bear and the buffalo.  Another year I remember is when Brian and I got Food Fighters figures.  I got the evil hotdog named Mean Weener and Brian got the heroic hamburger Burgerdier General; no joke.  We would run right out into the yard with our toys and spend the afternoon playing with them all hopped up on candy.  

So for my toy review today I suppose I could’ve reviewed one of those ones that I just mentioned but I decided to go with a more obvious choice, The Easter Bunny.  Oddly enough this figure actually comes to us via a Halloween/Christmas movie instead of an Easter one.  You may recall that in The Nightmare Before Christmas all of the holidays operate year round in their own little worlds.  Jack from Halloween Town discovers a portal that brings him to Christmas Town which he is immediately taken with.  He decides that he wants to try his hand at being Santa Clause that year so he sends his trio of hench-children out to kidnap the real Santa.  The kids take the wrong portal to Easter Town and they accidentally kidnap the Easter Bunny instead.  He appears on screen very briefly and quickly hops away once the mistake has been realized.  This cameo appearance  still managed to result in a pretty sweet action figure.  This figure could be displayed by anyone over the holiday, there’s nothing overly Burton-y about it to frighten children.  He’s pink with floppy ears, a yellow sash and bow and he’s carrying a basket full of pastel colored eggs.  And yet he’s just odd enough that he wouldn’t blend in with the usual cheesy Easter decorations that you might pick up at Wal-Mart or Pier 1.  He’s got a strange hunch in his stance and beady little shark eyes which give him just a slight air of Burton creepiness.  Best easter Bunny Ever.  7 out of 10.

The fact that his hands aren't touching the basket makes me wonder if he's pulling the d**k in a box routine.

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  1. Insightful review, especially about his hands not touching the basket. (I’ve heard that one before.)

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