In 1985 kids were introduced to Two-Bad, Skeletor’s 2 headed evil strategist.  At least that’s how he was described on the package.  However once he appeared on the animated series strategy did not seem to be his area of expertise.  Like pretty much all of Skeletor’s henchmen Two-Bad was portrayed as a bumbling idiot who constantly fouled things up.  Two-Bad was even more bumbling than most because his two heads never got along with one another so they were constantly bickering between themselves.  Two-Bad’s unfortunate situation was never explained to us back in the day.  The most obvious explanation is that they were siamese twins, however the two halves of the character seemed to be entirely different species.  The right side was blue skinned with a basically humanoid appearance while the left side was purple, scaly and more monstery in appearance.  Is there a whole species of these two headed purple and blue skinned weirdos running around somewhere?  If so do the two halves usually get along or do all of them fight amongst themselves?  These are the type questions that plague an inquisitive young mind.  The answer was provided nearly 2 decades later by the writers of the 2002 animated series.  In an episode called “the Monster Within” Skeletor hires a pair of rival bounty hunters to help him capture He-Man.  There was the blue skinned humanoid Tuvar and the hunchy purple beast Baddrah.  When they fail to complete their task due to their constant bickering Skeletor punishes them by fusing the two characters together.

Most He-Man figures back in the day all shared a very similar body construction.  Due to Two-Bad’s strange concept he had a very unique design.  His torso was much larger and wider than that of the other figures in the line to accommodate having two heads.  Instead of having the rotating waist action feature that most figures had, Two-Bad had an pull-back arm punching action.  His arms were uniquely mounted on the top of his shoulders instead of at his sides as was established by the other figures and basic human anatomy.  The placement of his arms allowed you to really play out the rivalry between the two heads because when pulled back and released them the arms would punch the opposite head in the face.  Two-Bad stood out as an odd design in the sea of odd designs that was the MOTU line.  This 80s figure is kinda silly looking but the 200x re-design of the figure fixed all of that as you’ll see when I get around to reviewing it.  This guy though is about a 5 out of 10.


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  1. Another old favourite of mine. I never heard his 2002 story, and now I can rest at night knowing the truth of Tuvar and Baddrah

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