Charlie “Spirit” Iron-Knife is the most well known and recognizable native-american member of the G.I. Joe team.  And how could he not be memorable; he draws on every single native american stereotype you can imagine.  He’s a tracker, he’s at one with nature, he has a pet bald eagle, he’s rocking the twin braids and headband;  at least they gave him a gun instead of a bow and arrow.  As much of a stereotype as Spirit is I don’t necessarily think it’s a bad thing.  Spirit was a positive native american role model to kids like me who didn’t know any in real life.  Spirit was wise and used violence as a last resort.  There were a few other native american Joes over the years including Airborne who was even released a year before Spirit; he just wasn’t nearly as “showy” about it.  Spirit had a decent amount of face time in the cartoons and basically played the role of Snake-Eyes in the animated world.  In the comics it was Snake-Eyes who was the star of the show and had a blood feud with Storm Shadow.  However I guess the producers of the cartoon didn’t think a mute character would be much fun for kids to watch so Spirit stepped up to duke it out with Storm Shadow and to preach his philosophies.  I didn’t mind Spirit in the cartoon but I think I held it against him that he was filling Snake-Eyes’ role.  Admittedly he was not my favorite character and often was one of my first casualties in any given battle.  He’s grown on me more over time though and I actually think this is one of the better figures from those early waves.

The sculpt, despite being a walking cliche is very well done.  His face is stoic and serious and conveys wisdom.  His rubberized hair gives it a realistic look that even the female figures were lacking in those days.  The torso is unique to him with the feathers and bone handle knife with tasseled sheath.   The belt/loin cloth thing he came with looked pretty cool and kept the character functional where as if it had been sculpted directly to him it may have hindered his movement.  His gun and pack were cool and unique as well.  Man do I miss those days.   I used to be able to match every gun and backpack to the figure they came with.  Nowadays every joe comes with the such generic rifles, pistols and knifes that I’ve ended up with a big box of miscellaneous weapons which are a nightmare to match to the corresponding figure.  Spirit’s coolest accessory was his pet bird, Freedom.  I loved getting animal sidekicks with my Joes because it was like getting a whole extra character for free.  Freedom used to clip onto Spirit’s wrist before his feet broke off but he was kind enough to rest on Spirit’s shoulder long enough for me to snap this pick.  An underrated figure, at least by childhood me.  7 out of 10.


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  1. Spirit had a unique gun. I guess they were bullets that were well sculpted on the side, but as a kid, I always thought they were darts. Because he was native. And natives would use darts rather than bullets, I thought.
    Anyway, my biggest memory of Spirit as a child was actually losing his gun, in the grass at the bottom of Wei Chen’s yard. I looked in that small patch of grass for hours, and then everyday there after. Never found it.

    Even used to go to the Kmart and look at the weapon packs longingly to replace that awesome dart gun, but my parents would never pay the price to just get a weapons pack.

  2. Ya know spirit has always been one of my top favorite joes, I always loved how he spoke in the cartoon. Also gotta love freedom & he’s epic fights & little conversations w/storm shadow. And it was cool how he came w/a lot of lil accessories. Just a great Joe no doubt about it! BTW, so far what I’ve read I’ve really enjoyed. Awesome to come across others who share a passion for such a wonderful toy line. 2 thumbs way up!!! “YO JOE”

    • Hey Barry, Thanks for checking out my blog. It’s been quiet for about a month but I do have some new reviews to post so be sure to check back. Do you currently collect Joes? Have you seen any modern Spirit figures? He’s gone through some changes in recent years.

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