Previously I reviewed my Atom figure from last years under appreciated Real Steel.   I had the choice of 2 two-packs when I purchased my Atom figure.  I could either have purchased him paired with Zeus, the undisputed champion of robot wrestling and the foil that underdog Atom  must face in the movie’s climax; or I could get him paired with Twin Cities,  the two headed top contender that Atom had to battle on his way to the top.  Zeus may seem like the obvious choice but I found Twin Cities much more interesting to look at so I opted for him.  Where Zeus is a bulky and black  with a fairly standard brutish robot appearance, Twin Cities is fire engine red, lit up like a Christmas tree and two headed.  The CG in Reel Steel was fantastic and enhanced even further by the fact that the filmmakers built full scale models of the giant robots to film in scenes that didn’t require a lot of movement.  Seeing the robots on screen physically interacting with the actors really helps add to the believability of this not so futuristic world.  I thought Twin Cities was the most impressive of the dozen or so robots that appeared in the film.  The small square yellow lights that covered his heads and torso made him appear as two lit up sky scrapers hence the name I assume.  It was a very cool and unique look.  The featureless faces gave Twin Cities an otherworldly appearance and the lit up eyes provided a menacing stare.   I would not want to be Atom looking across the ring at this guy.

Unfortunately the look of the film did not translate well into action figure form.  The figure is still pretty cool but it’s lacking many of the aspects I liked about the film version.  First off the faces.  The figure has two very humanoid faces complete with mouths and noses.  You can’t tell so much from these pics but the face looks quite different from the way he appeared in the movie.  I’m assuming that mesh-like caged look would be to tough to pull off in this scale.  All of the Reel Steel figures have a light-up function in their chest that is activated by a punch to the head.  It makes more sense on Twin Cities than any of the others as his most distinct feature was the light-up city look from the film.  The action feature fails miserably at capturing that effect and instead his glowing tummy is no more impressive than that on any of the other figures.  I do like his giant square hands with the worn paint effect.  It looks like he’s thrown some haymakers in his day and with fists as big as his heads I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of one of those.  The limbs are swappable with other figures in the line which does little for me now but I imagine I would’ve appreciated the opportunity to customize my own robot back when I was a kid.  Good but not great.  6 out of 10.

taken with my crappy phone


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  1. I gave Reel Steel a shot on your advice, and admit, it was worth seeing. Reminds me of the 80s Stallone film “Over the Top”.

    I’d have picked Twin Cities over Zeus too, he had so much character. Two heads, perfect. Just like Twobad.

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