So yesterday was Wednesday which means new comic book day. I picked up a handful of books which I haven’t gotten around to reading yet and I scored a couple of unexpected Marvel figures. I usually know in advance when new figures are coming out but every now and again a surprise shows up on the shelves. My local shop Strange Adventures had gotten in an assortment of Spider-Man figures which included a number of Spider-Men in silly outfits as well as the Scorpion and the Lizard. Two villains in one wave? How exciting. These Spider-Man figures that you can surely find peg warming in any of your local toy stores are a bit of an oddity. You see, currently Hasbro has it’s Marvel Universe line which covers the entire Marvel Universe (obviously) but they also release compatible toy lines packaged under the banner of whatever the big marvel movie of the day is. For example there’s still Iron Man 2 branded figures everywhere I look, which are usually accompanied by Thor branded figures, and beside those you’ll usually find Captain America branded figures. And as of a few weeks ago there are now Avengers branded toys which feature none other than Iron Man, Thor and Captain America. You’d think between these 5 lines Hasbro would be pushing their luck in taking up all the shelf space in retailers “boys” aisles. But they don’t stop there, they also have their Spider-Man toy line which doesn’t really tie into anything. Granted Spider-Man is perpetually popular and I’m all for Spidey figures always being available for purchase. It just seems odd that this line doesn’t relate to any particular cartoon, movie or comic book, it’s just kind of there. For some strange reason there are a lot of aquatically themed figures in the line. How many versions of Spider-Man with flippers and a snorkel do you need? Now I am aware that a new Spider-Man movie is on the horizon but rest assured a new branding of “Amazing Spider-Man” figures will hit retail by then and maybe that will bring about the demise of this misfit line of Spidey figures.

As he appeared in Ultimate Spider-Man

So anyway, for a series of figures probably on its last legs Scorpion and Lizard seem like an odd duo to squeeze in at the end. There are so many great Spidey villains to choose from. Don’t get me wrong, Scorpion and Lizard are two of greatest but here’s why it’s an odd choice. The Lizard is the villain in the upcoming movie so Lizard figures will be everywhere soon enough in all kinds of different shapes and sizes so why not give his slot in this series to somebody like the Vulture or Mysterio. As for Scorpion, he’s awesome but this is not Scorpion, this is actually a figure of Ultimate Scorpion which is another matter entirely. For those of you not familiar with the Ultimate Universe, it’s an alternate reality where many of the Marvel heroes and villains we know and love have been re-imagined in a more contemporary world. The characters are younger and their origins are based in more believable science than constant radiation and gamma experiments gone wrong. Most of the characters introduced in the Ultimate Universe have only slight cosmetic differences from their standard Marvel Universe version. One change for example would be Nick Fury. In the main Marvel Universe that has existed forever he’s a white dude with brown hair that has grayed at the temples. In the Ultimate Universe he’s Samuel L. Jackson. Now in Scorpion’s case the Marvel universe version is the big burly Mac Gargan. In the Ultimate Universe Scorpion is actually a wiry little clone of Peter Parker/Spider-Man. I do not like this. It’s a stupid idea. They did the clone thing in the main Marvel Universe and fans rejected it, I don’t know why they had to drag Ultimate Spider-Man into the mess. As far as the figure goes, it’s a pretty nice version of this lame version of a cool character. It’s cool that they released this figure but only so long as I get a real Scorpion figure soon. If this is the only Scorpion they’re gonna give me than I may go into a berserker nerd rage. In short this figure has a nice sculpt, a nice paint job, and a fun missile launching tail accessory, but I want my Mac Gargan Scorpion asap. 6 out of 10.

Mac Gargan: the REAL Scorpion


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