This here is the other figure I purchased this week along with Ultimate Scorpion.  For those of you not familiar with the Lizard here’s a quick summary.  Dr. Curt Connors is a university professor with an expertise in biology.  He lost his arm in a war and devoted his studies to human limb regeneration.  His goal was to combine human DNA with that of a reptile so that humans could re-grow lost limbs.  He experimented on himself and you guessed, he turned himself into an evil lizard man.  The Lizard is one of Spidey’s oldest villains having first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man issue 6 way back in 1963.  Over the years Dr. Connors has been cured of the lizard curse many times but the beast within always finds his way back out every few months and thus we’re treated to another Spidey vs Lizard slugfest.  As the Lizard this baddie’s goal is to turn the whole world into reptile people but every time he reverts back to Dr. Connors he remains a devoted husband and father and friend of Spider-Man.  The lizard has been chosen to be the main villain in the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man movie out in just a couple of months.  From what’ve I’ve seen I’m not thrilled with the movie look of the character so I’m glad I got this “standard” version of the character before I get bombarded with movie styled merchandise.  Now while the lizard didn’t appear in the Tobey Maguire trilogy of Spider-Man movies, his alter-ego Curt Connors did.  He was Peter’s university professor in both Spider-Man 2 and 3.  For those of you paying attention you may have even noticed that Dr. Connors was missing an arm and had his sleeve pinned up which I’m sure seemed odd to people not in the know.  In those movie Dr. Connors was played by Dylan Baker.   Mr. Baker is a character actor who’s appeared in a bunch of things over the years  but I first took notice of him in the quirky and disturbing Todd Solondz film Happiness.  Well a few years back, before the release of Spider-Man 2 I was working at Blockbuster one night when  Dylan Baker entered the store.  If he was a bigger actor I probably wouldn’t have bothered him but I doubted he got recognized often so I figured he might appreciate it if I chatted him up a bit.  He was a super nice guy and we talked for a little while.  He was up here in Halifax shooting the Elizabeth Smart story (true story of a 15 year old who got kidnapped-remember?)   It was literally a week or two later that I saw the first trailer for Spider-Man 2 and realized he was gonna be in it as Peter’s professor.  It wasn’t until I saw the movie in theatres that I realized he wasn’t playing just any professor but Curt Connors-The Lizard!  So yeah, I met the lizard.

Dylan Baker

As for this figure, I’m kinda hot and cold on it.  I do like that he looks like the classic lizard for the most part, ripped purple pants, black shirt, white lab coat, and an overall alligatory appearance.  What I don’t like is the size, he’s just too damn big.  One thing I really like about the current Marvel figures is that they take size into account.  There’s no reason for Spider-Man to be the same size as the Hulk which was the case in older toy lines.  The modern figures come in a variety of shapes and sizes which is awesome: except when it goes wrong.  Why is Lizard so big?  He’s bigger than the Hulk and Venom and even Iron Monger when he should really be average figure size.  The Lizard traditionally doesn’t grow when he transforms (well other than  his arm growing back).  Granted some artists haven gotten a little carried away in the past and drawn him larger than life but I would’ve preferred this figure be just a bit smaller.  Is this a ridiculous thing to be whining about?  Of course it is.  I am aware how silly this is but I wouldn’t be doing my job as a toy reviewer if I didn’t mention it.   Other than the size thing this figure is pretty solid.  Great vibrant colors and a posture that’s a nice balance between a static stance and an exaggerated action pose.  6 out of 10.

A favorite cover of mine by Todd McFarlane



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