So today I want to talk about music.  I’m a big music fan myself, mostly punk and alternative.  I am fiercely loyal to bands and once I’ve committed myself to one they usually have to release 2 or 3 duds in a row for me to stop buying their music.  And I do buy the music by the way.  I was the last guy I knew of buying CDs up until about a year ago when I made the switch to itunes.  If anybody has a band they’d like to recommend, by all means do so below as I’m always on the lookout for new stuff to consume.  This past week I took in more live music than I have in years.   This week I went to shows Wednesday, Friday and Saturday night.  I do go to shows now and again but I haven’t been feeling many bands in the local scene these days and big bands don’t visit Halifax all that often so to see 3 in a week is far from the norm.  Wednesday I went and saw my friends Matt, Mike, Lloyd and Dave in their band Shelter with Thieves.   Lloyd also played guitar in the opening band, Old Blood and Matt drummed in the middle band, Stone Mary so I was there for the long haul.  I would recommend you check them out on youtube.  Then Friday Night was Sheezer the all girl Weezer tribute band who only play songs off of Weezer’s first two albums.  That was a great show with moshing and crowd surfing but it was far to short, Sheezer only played for a half hour which was pretty weak.  Regardless I’d recommend you check them out too if you have the chance.  And last night was Third Eye Blind who played at the local casino.  They’re the reason I wanted to talk about music tonight.  Many people seem to think of them as a one-hit wonder (semi-charmed life) or a punch line and those people are way wrong.  3EB have released 4 great albums with a 5th on the way and I can also now verify that they put on a wicked live show.  If you’ve never checked out their albums I highly recommend you do and by all means seem them live if you can.  I had bought a $120 ticket to see Jerry Seinfeld that same night before the 3EB show was announced and I painfully had to sell it off for $35 so that I could attend the rock show instead.  Though it was tragic, I know I made the right choice.

So anyway, since I wanted to talk about Third Eye Blind I needed to review a figure that I could tie into that.  My first thought was Tri-Clops the 3 eyed He-Man villain but I’ve already reviewed him.  So I went with Max Rebo because at least he’s a musician.  I know it’s a stretch but whatever.  Max was the droopy eared blue elephant looking guy who played the organ at Jabba’s palace in Return of the Jedi.  I love the scenes in Jabba’s palace and I love Max Rebo and the other members of The Max Rebo Band.  I loved them less after Lucas added a bunch a computer generated nonsense and dancing girls but what can you do, it’s Lucas.  Rebo is only seen from the waist up in the film and I was a little disturbed when I got this figure and discovered that he had only been wearing a diaper behind that organ of his.  To be fair though modesty was not a strong suit of any of the band members.  Sy Snootles was fashion conscious enough to put on bright red lipstick before hitting the stage but she didn’t think to put on a bra?  Come on now.  This figure of Max does look creepy in his diaper but once you place him in that organ he’s perfect.  He looks just like he did on screen and the organ itself makes for an impressive accessory.  7 out of 10.


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  1. This figure is awesome. I too was surprised when I saw your picture of him in a diaper but it kinda looks more like something a sumo wrestler would wear. Either way, I want a Max Rebo figure now.

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