Hey gang.  Notice anything new about my site today?  That’s right, I have a sponsor!  The fine gentlemen over at Big Bad Toy Store have been so kind as to sponsor my little toy blog.  I’ve been shopping at Big Bad for a while now.  I actually discovered them through a banner similar to the one you now see on my page that was on a G.I. Joe news site that I visit frequently.   I’ve tried many different sites over the years, many specializing in just one brand but as far as sites that cover EVERYTHING go, Big Bad is where you wanna be.  They have an enormous selection of toys with new stuff rolling in weekly.  They’re very reasonably priced and have frequent sales to boot. Shipping is always fast and they box their shipments so packed with industrial bubbles (good luck popping those) that your swag is sure to arrive safely.  Be sure to click the link on my page regularly.

To commemorate the occasion I’ve decided to review my most recent acquisition from Big Bad Toy Store.   I’ve raved before about the new 3rd party transforming figures being released by a variety of companies, such as the Quintesson by Impossible Toys and the Bombshell  by Fans Project.  Well this here is Rager by iGear.  Like the other 3rd party toys they call him Rager for legal reasons but any Trans fan knows that this is actually Huffer.  Huffer was an Autobot engineer able to construct just about anything.  The original toy was released in 1984 making him one of the first Transformers on the market and also one of the first ones I owned.  He was one of the smallers bots, to scale with Bumblebee and Cosmos but dwarfed by larger bots like Optimus Prime.  Huffer actually looked pretty silly driving alongside Optimus considering they were basically the same type of truck and yet Huffer was almost small enough to fit in the cab of Prime.  Many of the Transformers toys of the 80s did not look like they did in the cartoon.  Like the original Windcharger, the original Huffer toy had a visor and mouth plate where as his animated counter part had a human like face.  As a kid I preferred the more robotic look of the toy but the inconsistency bothered me.  Windcharger finally got a cartoon accurate update recently courtesy of Hasbro but Huffer still needed one so that’s where iGear swooped in to save the day.  This Huffer toy is fantastic.  The robo face is gone, replaced a sneering humanoid face.  The sneer accurately represents the character who was known to be cranky and suffer from depression.  I miss the nice chrome of the original figure’s arms but I don’t miss the claw looking hands and the awkward angle of the old appendages.  While not as shiny, the new arms look much better.  I think this is a great figure and I can’t wait to get my hands on iGear’s upcoming Cosmos (er…I mean UFO).  Go pre-order yours today at Big Bad Toy Store 🙂  7 out of 10.

The 80s version

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  1. Huffer was one of the first transformers I owned. He was small and inexpensive.

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