Before I talk about Storm Shadow I’m just gonna take a second to talk about taking pictures.  I think this one here is pretty decent, with good lighting and good detail.   I’ve been taking pictures of toys like crazy lately so that I can begin to put some of my toy boxes away.  Since starting this blog 4 months ago my man-cave has been a disaster zone with bins of toys all over the place and loose figures and weapons scattered everywhere.   It’s a daunting task but having all of the pictures sitting on my computer is much easier than hauling out a single figure to review each day.  I took this pic on the same day as I took the pic of the Royal Guard which I reviewed 2 days ago and that picture came out a fuzzy mess while this one came out pretty good.   Suffice to say it’s the luck of the draw and I’ve far from mastered the art.   I’ll keep working on it.  I apologize for the fluctuating quality.

 So about this figure, it’s the 7th version of Storm Shadow to be released.  It holds a special place in my heart because it was one of the 12 initial figures that ushered in the “new sculpt” era.  My favourite of the lot was Neo-Viper who I reviewed extensively a few months back.  Storm Shadow was kind of middle of the pack for me.  Not the worst and not the best, just okay.  I was thrilled to have a new Storm Shadow figure after so many years but it just didn’t have any “wow” factor.  Its movement was hindered by the fact that Hasbro had done away with the O-ring.  This was the same for all of the figures but was most noticeable on the ninjas who I wanted to have the ability to kick to the side or do the splits.  The stiffness of this wave of figures made them feel more like Joe knock-offs than the real deal.  Also there was a lot of red on this figure which didn’t seem like Storm Shadow to me.  I wanted Stormy to be stark white like his classic incarnation.  In the years since this figure came out Storm Shadow’s worn plenty of red so the redness doesn’t really bother me anymore, in fact I kinda like it.   The head sculpt is another big strike against this figure.  While the retro Joes often had melon heads, the 2000 era figures were frequently plagued by pinheadedness and other proportion issues.  This Storm Shadow’s head is just too damn small.  As far as accessories go I really like that this Storm Shadow and the Snake-Eyes that accompanied him in the 2-pack, both came with crossed sheaths as backpacks.  They plugged into their backs looking like a bandaged up “X” and then their dual swords could be slid into them and stored, freeing up their hands for some karate chops or uzi action.  This era of Joe is largely ignored by the collector community these days but I think it’s time will come.   Considering they’re 10 years old now themselves they’ve begun to make me nostalgic in their own way.  Not so much for my childhood like the 80s toys do but for my rediscovered childhood.  Nostalgia is the key and I imagine a few years down the road fans will be clamouring for these figures.  6 out of 10.

Cover to Storm Shadow issue one by Sean Murphy


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  1. When it comes to taking pictures, I find light is key. I use multiple lamps when I need to take pictures, and it really ups the quality. I’m always looking for a third lamp to use overhead as well.

    StormShadow is obviously a favourite for anyone remotely interested in GI Joe. The red here does seem like too much to me, but I haven’t seen all his incarnations. My favourite would be his ‘first’ update (I think) in the late 80s when he went from a standard white ninja to something cooler, when he for some reason decked out in urban camo and a hood. Even his rolled up sleeve to show his red barcode tattoo was cool.

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