So this post is a bit of a cheat;  this isn’t actually an action figure-it’s an eraser.  However I never treated him as such, in my young mind he was as much an action figure as Duke or Optimus Prime.  Not as cool an action figure mind you but he was definitely more toy than he was stationary.  I don’t have a ton to say about this specific eraser but he is the sole survivor of a once great and mighty eraser collection so he has earned a spot on “Mike’s Collection”.  Brother Doug and I are collectors by nature.  Friends have teased me about being a hoarder but I am way to organized for that and I don’t have any dead raccoons or old diapers in my collection.  I do however have a very hard time owning 1 of something.  If I have 1, I want 2, and then I want 10, and then I want them all.   These days I guess you could say I collect comics, toys, movies and music.  As a kid I collected all that and more.  Movies were hard to come by back then so my VHS collection ( Star Wars, Bill & Ted) was nothing to get excited about.  I had a bunch of cassette tapes (Iron Maiden, Milli Vanilli) and my comic book and toy collections were well on their way.  However I also had a ton of trading cards.  I didn’t collect the hockey ones until I got to junior high but as a kid I collected movie cards and other oddities.  I had cards depicting movies like JAWS 2, E.T., Baby, Star Wars, I also had sets of Marvel cards and Garbage Pail Kids.  Doug and I had vast sticker collections, multiple albums worth.  Each page was categorized as to the type of sticker it was, like “Great Job” fuzzy monster stickers awarded by my dad for good grades or  Bon Jovi band member stickers that came out of bags of chips.  We had soap collections that our aunt Caroline started us one.  Not boring bars of Zest mind you but sculpted characters.  Though I did try to make my own out of a few bars of Zest with less than impressive results.  I’m sure other collections are slipping my mind at the moment but needless to say, we had a lot of stuff. 

I’m not entirely sure how the eraser collection came about but I think this springy guy was one of my first.  Doug had the same one in green.  We thought they were so cute that we couldn’t bear the thought of getting them grubby and wearing them down correcting our mistakes.  A few more erasers worth saving came our way and before long we were actively collecting cool erasers.  Some of my more memorable ones were Orko, the wizard from He-Man and Prowl and Optimus from Transformers.   These were nicely sculpted 3D models of the characters that made for neat little toys.  The eraser bucket inhabitants would sometimes find themselves duking it out battle royal style in the same way the misfit toys of the figure drawer used to.  I’m not sure what became of my eraser collection, sadly I probably threw it out.  Springy here (whom I believe once had a proper name that I’ve forgotten.  May have actually just been “spring” now that I think about it**) was one of my first and one of my favorites.  And with most things I own, when letting go of a collection whether it be tossing out my old Transworld Skateboarding magazines or selling off my wrestling figures, I must hold onto one.  At least one to help me remember the collection that was.  For my eraser collection I’d chosen Spring to be the last man standing.  This eraser has gotta be close to 30 years old now.  His face is worn and his pals are all gone but this little guy still has a spring in his step.  Respect.  5 out of 10.      ** Doug informed me that his name was Apple so I have since changed the title of this post


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I'm a dude that collects toys and writes. I figured I'd combine my hobbies.

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  1. Don’t forget in school having erasers shaped like your favorite action figures were awesome as you couldn’t have your toys on your desk.

  2. His name is Apple…short for Apricot. My guy is Mint…short for Peppermint. I’m not sure if they originally had a scent or if we named them based on their colour.

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