Whenever I decide to write one of these blog entries I usually do a little bit of research.  Not a ton, I just need to refresh my memory on release dates and a few other specific details that I want to get right.  Most of the stuff I spout on here like character origins and such is right out of my noggin as I always had a knack for retaining this type of information.  Ask me how to do long division however and I’m lost.  There have been a few toys that I’ve owned for years and never really known where they came from, like Turtle Man or Georgie.  So when it comes time to write about them on here I have to do some real research to see what I can dig up on them.  This is one of those figures.  Here’s what I did know about this figure, he’s from the Dungeons & Dragons series.  As many of you know Dungeons & Dragons was the first big role playing game.  I think Magic is the big one now but I really don’t know.   I’m not well versed in that stuff, it was never my scene.  The popularity of the game in the 80s resulted in the property branching out into other media.  1983 brought us a saturday morning cartoon and a toy line neither of which really tied into the game or each other.  The D & D name was really all these things had in common.  The game was set in a sword and sorcery type world where players took on the roles of knights and trolls and stuff.  The cartoon was about a group of kids that ride a D & D themed roller coaster and somehow end up trapped in the world of D & D.  They spent 2 seasons battling the evil Venger and trying to get home.  The toy line featured named characters who didn’t appear in either the game or the show.  A few of the characters did later pop up in the show but basically the toys were independent form the cartoon.  None of the main kids from the show ever got figures.  Doug and I each owned one D & D toy.  They were probably given to us by our uncle Bill who tended to give us cool oddities, things we wouldn’t have asked for on our own.  The miscellaneous figure drawer was filled with toys from aunts and uncles who didn’t know what G.I. Joes to get us.  Doug had a big burly archer/falconer and I had a brave knight.  We had long forgotten the names on the packages and since they weren’t on the cartoon and there was no internet to help us out we simply referred to them as Knight and Archer.  These guys were favorites of ours who met the Joes on a time travel adventure or two and always fared well in figure drawer battle royals.

So today I figured I’d at least find out what my brave knight’s name was.   I had it in my head that he was Braveheart, Lionheart, Strongheart or something cool and tough like that.  There was a knight named Strongheart in the line but it wasn’t this guy.  Nope, apparently my knight’s name is Deeth which is pretty crappy and unheroic.   It also turns out that my knight…is a chick.  Here’s her bio:

Deeth is a powerful fighter who is capable of defeating any and all evil doers in combat. Since childhood, she has trained as a warrior with many weapons. She is feared by many because she uses her sword of light and battle mace with lightning speed and accuracy. Deeth usually travels alone, but will always join forces with other good fighters when it is neccessary.

WTF!?  My knight figure has been a chick this whole time!  I feel so lied to.  I had wondered about the long black hair coming out from the bottom of the helmet but I always figured it was a fur collar or something.  His face never seemed overly feminine.  Couldn’t they have put some lipstick or something on him to tip me off.  Oh well.  He’ll always be a dude as far as I’m concerned.  The figure is actually pretty great, androgyny aside.  The D & D figures weren’t far behind Joes in quality.  They had lots of movement, lots of accessories, lots of paint aps and cool little action features.  Deeth has a switch on “his” back that when pressed sends his arm swinging back and forth so he can attack with his sword.  Even cooler, he has a chained weapon that swings around freely when placed in the action hand.  He also came with a shield and a cape.  This is another one of those toy lines from my childhood that when I take a second look at it now I feel compelled to hit up ebay and try to find some more.  Maybe I’ll see if I can score an actual Strongheart.  7 out of 10.


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  1. Looks like a dude to me.

  2. OMG…this is like that 80’s movie “Just One of The Guys”. You think you feel duped? Just image how Archer feels…this “guy” has been his best friend for 30 years!!

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