This here is General Hawk, the leader of the G.I. Joe team.  It’s a little tricky to pin down which version of Hawk this is as sometimes he’s just Hawk, sometimes he’s General Abernathy and sometimes General “Hawk” Abernathy.   Hawk doesn’t get a whole lot of credit and is not one of the better known Joes but he’s been there since the beginning.  Hawk was one of the original 13 Joes released in 1982.  He certainly didn’t look like anyone special or anyone of authority back then.  He had the same plain green body as the other Joes and even shared the exact same head as Short-Fuze.  I had Short-Fuze as a kid and Doug had Hawk and I seem to recall us making them brothers or something because of their identical looks.   Other Joes had the same faces as well but at least their hair was usually painted different colors.  In the comic books Hawk played a commanding role but he wasn’t a General at first.  General Flagg was the big boss early on.  It wasn’t until the 2nd hawk figure was released in 1986 that Hawk started getting some respect.  Hawk finally looked like his own man.  He now had wavy brown hair and a brown bomber jacket.  This is the first version of Hawk that I had.  Before the release of that figure I think it was Doug’s Duke figure who had been leading our figures into battle.  Neither of us really cared for Duke but the cartoon portrayed him as the Joe’s leader so we followed suit.  Once I had the ’86 Hawk in my hands then control was mine!  It was now my figure who decided when the Joes would roll out into battle.  I tried not to let the power go to my head.  Hawk has carried on in his leadership role of Joe in pretty much every incarnation ever since.  In the comics published by Devil’s Due in the 2000s Hawk took a bullet and was confined to a wheelchair.   I wasn’t a fan of this development, it was a little too Professor X for my liking.  They went that route in the live action movie as well when Hawk as played by Dennis Quaid was nearly killed by Storm Shadow and confined to a chair for the second half of the film.   I prefer my Hawk to be active and able bodied but now that I think about it, it would be pretty awesome if a new Hawk figure cam with a wheelchair as an accessory. 

This particular Hawk figure is perhaps my favourite of the many versions released over the years.  It’s tough to say because I will forever love the ’86 version and the modern interpretation of that same figure.  There have been other good ones over the years too but something about this one really appeals to me.  His solid green uniform harkens back to the very first ’82 figure but isn’t quite so plain.  The face on this figure has a great expression that tells me that this guy means business.  I absolutely love the hat.  I’m not sure what you even call these hats but it looks great on Hawk.  A few Joes in the past have worn them but never as well.  This whole look seems like a throwback to WWII era soldier to me.  I could easily use this figure as a pre-Captain America Steve Rogers or even as a Russian soldier to square off against my Indiana Jones figure.  It’s such a great multi-purpose figure.  That might just be because I have no idea about this stuff.  Military aficionados might be appalled that I can swap an American General for any number of nationalities but this figure has such a great generic multi-purpose use in my eye.  Plus it still makes for a great Hawk.  This figure was released during the new-sculpt era which was plagued by goofy proportion issues but I think this figure’s proportions are just fine and it stands as a high point of that era of Joe.  One of my favorites for sure.  8 out of 10.


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