I always knew I had a big action figure collection but writing this blog is really making that clear to me.  I’m just a few posts away from 200 and I’ve barely scratched the surface here.  Nearly 200 posts and there’s still so many great toys to review.  Who woulda thunk that a comic collecting nerd could have made it 200 reviews deep into his toy blog and still not reviewed a Batman figure.  Well today I shall rectify that problem: I present to you the goddamn Batman.  You all know Batman’s story so there’s no need to go into all of that here.  Bit by a radioactive Bat, invisible airplane, yadda yadda yadda.  What I will briefly talk about is the source material that this particular Batman is based on; Batman the animated series.  There have been so many incarnations of Batman over the decades but I think the 90s animated series may stand out as the best.  The character designs, the look of Gotham city, the tone, the continuity, everything about it was just spot on.  Whenever a new series/movie is being made for the masses of a well-established property like this, the creators try to boil the character down to its essence.   Things may not happen in the movie exactly as they happened in the comic book but as long as the essence of the story is there and the characters remain true then it usually works.  Never before* has someone been able to take something so well known as Batman and with so many different interpretations from the uber campy 70s sitcom to the dark writings of Frank Miller, mix ‘em all together and churn out the definitive version of Batman.   I absolutely love the look of the 90s animated series.  I also like the distinctive and stylistic looks of the series’ that have come since like “The Batman” and “The Brave and the Bold” but they will all be compared to the 90s show and come up short.

Bruce Timm concept art

The look of Batman: the animated series was carried over into the Superman cartoon and then the Justice League cartoons.  This created a huge animated DC universe with a shared aesthetic.  An aesthetic that I should point out came from Bruce Timm who designed the series.  Genius.   A slew of figures sculpted in the Bruce Timm style have been released and continue to be released despite the fact that the last series to carry on that shared universe, Justice League Unlimited has been off the air for years.  Fans just love this look and want the entire DCU sculpted in this manner.  I would love to have them all too but that’s a slippery slope that I’ve managed to avoid.  The only figures I have in Bruce Timm’s signature style is this Batman figure and an accompanying Riddler that I got from McDonalds many years ago.  These figures coincided with the release of the theatrical animated series spin-off Batman:Mask of the Phantasm-which was excellent.  I remember going to see an afternoon showing and quickly regretting the decision because the place was literally packed with screaming children.  Ugh.  So what can I say about the figure.  It’s probably one of the best fast food toys I’ve ever gotten, he’s up there with the California Raisins at least.  There are bigger better versions of the animated Batman out there but I think this one holds its own.  I remember my little brother Brian having a few larger scale store bought Batmen but I thought my little guy’s proportions actually looked better.  His were always sculpted in a stiff neutral pose, which I usually like my figures to have but I really like the pose of this figure.  It’s almost neutral but he’s got a line of action running through him that gives the impression that he’s ready to strike.  Great little figure.  8 out of 10.

*Take comments like these with a grain of salt.


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