A few weeks ago I reviewed my generic helicopter pilot figure whom I had named Mark.  When writing my Mark post I had taken to the internet to see if I could discover the origins of this misfit figure who had been hanging around my figure drawer for as long as I can remember.  I discovered he was from a line of figures called Adventure People released by Fisher Price.  I also realized a bunch of other figures I once had and remember fondly were also Adventure People.  There were the shark hunting divers, and the deep-sea treasure hunter, and the futuristic drag racer.  Once I knew what these figures were actually called I was determined to reacquire these long lost toys from my childhood.  I hit up ebay and discovered that I was apparently not the only person looking for these things.  Some of these sets were really expensive and even loose figures were fetching far more than I expected.   The only complete shark boat I could find was over $100 plus shipping fees.  Undiscouraged I would search for adventure people deals on my nearly daily ebay visits.  After a few attempts I stumbled across a lot of 8 figures with a current bid sitting at $10, shipping was $5.  I figured I’d take a stab at it with a one-time bid of $15.  I ended up winning it for $12.50 and am now the proud owner of 8 new Adventure People, new to me at least.  The lot wasn’t comprised of any of the figures that I was hoping to reclaim from my childhood, these ones were pretty plain.  There was one in the lot that I remember Doug had when we were kids, a green skinned space man.  I’ll save him for another time though, today I’ve opted to review this middle aged gentleman.

"What's that shit on your finger?"
"What's that shit on YOUR finger?"

Yep.  This is a figure a middle aged guy, nothing more, nothing less.  He’s not based on any actor’s likeness, not a master of disguise or a ninja, he was probably at one point packaged with a mini-van and 2 kids.  Granted there was probably a camper or a tent included, he is an adventure person after all.  Despite being constructed in the late 70s or early 80s this old guy whom I think I shall name Bruce (after my dad) is keeping it real with some  nice earth tones. (which my dad would never do.  red polo shirt with yellow pants-that’s my dad)  This is the kind of figure that’s timeless,  he isn’t very stylish but his lack of style keeps him non-descript and doesn’t tie him to any particular era.  His haircut’s the same.  It looks kinda 70s-ish to me but he could rock that do today and nobody would bat an eye.  He’s in the standard Adventure Person pose with one arm bent so that he’s ready to grab the wheel of whatever adventure vehicle you want to set him in.  I like him.   He’s one of the better ones from the lot I got and I actually got 2 of him which I didn’t notice when I bid on it initially.  It was only when I was dumping the contents of the box into my lap that I said “Hey, this guys in here twice.”  But that’s cool.  The other guy can be Bruce’s equally fashion neutral twin brother Bill (like my uncle Bill).  I honestly didn’t know what I’d be able to say about this guy when I started writing but I’ve managed to write a decent amount of nonsense so I think I’ll wrap it up here.  Bruce, Bill and I are off to have an adventure.  6 out of 10.


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  1. I called my guy “Leonard”

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