The Creech is the creation of long time Spawn artist Greg Capullo.  I first became aware of Capullo when he was drawing the Marvel book Quasar.  He did a couple of other books for Marvel but wasn’t really on my radar until Todd McFarlane scooped him up to be the regular artist on Spawn.  McFarlane had been writing and drawing Spawn up to this point and he wanted to step away from the art chores to focus more on other aspects of his growing empire, like action figures. Todd wanted to find a penciler with artistic sensibilities similar to his own so that the changing of the guard wouldn’t be too jarring for fans.  I appreciated the effort as any comic fan can attest to how frustrating it is when there is a drastic change in the art on a book from one month to the next.  Capullo was a worthy successor and he only got better over time.  He remained on Spawn for the better part of the 90s and revisited the book a couple times since his departure.  In 1997 he wanted to try his hand at creating his own character and released a 3 issue mini-series entitled The Creech.  Capullo wrote and drew the mini series and it reaffirmed what we learned when Image comics first launched in 1992, artists can’t always write.  It wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t good either and certainly not memorable as I’d be hard pressed to try and explain it to you.  So writing wasn’t Greg’s strong suit, so what.  He was still a hell of an artist as is evidenced by the Creech design, pure awesomesauce.  I think I’ve told you before that I like big feet on characters.  It’s not a weird fetish thing I just think big feet make for a cool solid base when designing a comic book character.  The Creech has big ol feet and enormous hands which I also like aesthetically.  Those crazy tentacles are wicked and the fact that he’s so hunched and ripped that it looks like his face is coming out of his chest is just plain cool.  It’s an original design that makes Creech stand out among the slew of other big monster designs we saw from similar artists in books like Pitt and the Tenth.  Though the Creech never made much of an impact on the comic book world, Capullo has recently taken over as regular artist on Batman so he’s doing just fine.

This figure is just rad. For all the design reasons I mentioned and because they’ve been so well translated into 3 dimensions.  This figure has a surprising amount of movement for  McFarlane offering.  He spins around completely at the waist which makes him feel more toy than statue which is always welcome.  The tentacles are all posable like pip cleaners so you can give Creech all kinds of wacky “hair cuts”.  The paint is great, the whole damn thing is great what can I say.  I’d love to see another writer take a crack at writing the Creech and giving this character a story worthy of this design.  9 out of 10.


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